Mohan Krishna Indraganti: Used comedy in Ami Thumi to critique world around me

Starring Adivi Sesh, Eesha, Srinivas Avasarla and Aditi Myakal,  Ami Thumi is slated for release on Friday. When it comes to comedy, it’s about the timing of the joke and audiences have to connect with it instantly.”Writing comedy is like walking on the edge of a sword, but that’s what makes it exciting because it lets you comment on things you are most angry about in the most entertaining way.” Talking about the film, Indraganti said: “It’s easily the funniest film of my career. Asked if it was challenging to write complex humour, he said: “Comedy is one of the most underrated genres. “This film has tons of social references, but we have done it in a way it doesn’t offend anyone. There’s a lot of wordplays, and it’s written in such a way that there is no time to pause and cut to a song.”
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App Talking about what fascinates him about comedy, he said: “Comedy is very empowering. 2017-06-07T17:39:08+00:00″>
Published:June 7, 2017 5:39 pm

According to Mohan Krishna Indraganti, the film is high on raucous humour and fast dialogues. In any creative format, it’s really difficult to write comedy because you can’t negotiate with the audience. I like to write humour that’s healthy as it helps in studying human psychology.”
According to Indraganti, the film is high on raucous humour and fast dialogues. We should all be ready to make fun of ourselves, just to see how ridiculous we are as human beings under certain circumstances. There are references about demonetisation, about arranged marriage, about people’s obsession with mobile phones and how we are still caught in certain notions about our own culture,” Indraganti told IANS. Related News
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