My cousin – Kodak Black lyrics

Dracos too heavy and sh*t
Dracos get too hot
That AR got the coolin’ center, the heat sensor, know what im saying with the scope with the? And sh*ttt. I went to looking for my AR I couldn’t find it you know what im saying you know i f*ck with them AR’s and sh*t. Aye i swear to god cuz when you called me dog
And you told me that sh*t dog i said f*ck everything
House arrest whatever, you know what im saying? Soldier like mentality
Going through these tragedies
Don’t wanna see me happily
Rather see me raggedy
They don’t wanna see me get a bag, they wanna bag a G
But i go on a clappin’ spree and murk ya whole family
I guess a nigga kept it too real, that’s why they mad at me
Sitting back thinking right now I’m smoking Grabba Leaf
Nigga went from wearing baggy jeans to dressing casually
From being on the newspaper, now I’m on magazines
I’m chopping it up with master P, told me keep God first
We doing venues now, selling out concerts
I’m trying to keep a tunnel vision, trying to see it his way
But i got blood in my eyes I’m tired of seeing this way
I can’t even sleep skraight, even on the Tempurpedic
Why I’m stilling going through it why I’m still fighting demons
Niggas call you p***y when you focused and avoiding sh*t
We getting this money for no reason, a nigga trying to enjoy this sh*t
I got a lil boy and sh*t, and i don’t wanna leave dude
Cause they’ll trick him like they did me, that’s what these skreets do
Niggas outchea playing gangsta and playing police too
I seen the paperwork and that’s why they dont kick it like we do
Thats the same reason you couldn’t come home to seafood
Been moving funny but a nigga just couldn’t read you
Beat was been over with, looting cause i love this beat
Looting for my cousin and my niggas who in custody
Im feeling like its my fault, feel like its because of me
Was tryna soak the industry, i already thugged the streets
Did my thing a couple nights, i already earned my stripes
Deeper than rap, they f*cking with me cause im about that life
You know im head first, big cuz, thats why you called me man
But if i go to jail again, my mama she gone wash her hands
Im innovating how to play it but its still a slim chance
Cause you will sink in the sand in the game without a plan. Kodak Black lyrics
Lyrics cousin My cousin just got hit up today, I wanna slide though
Even though I’m on house arrest, I wanna ride though
But i go to prison i know my mama’ll cry though
He told me I’m just telling you i love you before i die though.
Lyrics Kodak Black – My cousin
My cousin just text me and sh*t (Yeah Free BG, rest in peace)
He said, “I just got wet up sitting in my car this morning Cuzzo
I got hit one time but i’m good though, just letting you know before these niggas kill me
I love you to death and forever. Im in the studio right now, Im on? I wanna get suited up and tooted up on sniper mode
Every time a nigga get focused, it be some f*ck sh*t
It throw me off my pivot and make me get on my thug sh*t
Last year my cousin got hit up and got killed now
I wasn’t even there but you know a nigga handle that
Hit him up again this year and i ain’t feeling that
I’m throwed right now cause I don’t know where my feelings at
I don’t know if want to rap or want to pop a cap
But i know you niggas want to see me go right back
But this sniper gang sh*t in me I’m living like that
You niggas about to make me relapse, I’m feeling like that. Let me live on as a real sniper. My cousin just got hit up today, I want to slide though
Even though I’m on house arrest, I want to ride though
But i go to prison i know my mama’ll cry though
He told me im just telling you i love you before I die though..