Onyx & Dope D.O.D. – Don’t Sleep (Shotgunz In Hell Album)

Squad must be runnin’, they ain’t see it coming
That’s why we’re going hard and you stay soft
Oyster slam on my upper lip
Your face, my fist or get a gun
Jason took the kids to camp
I need little extra cheese
Tell me what’s your sign bitch, I’m the Zodiac Killer
[Verse 3: Fredro Starr]
Hmmm, what’s worse than killing you?
A runaway slave with a master keys
Hocus pocus, you should be gone

Charles Manson drinking [?]
Rip that ass, I’m like handcuffed
Yeah I’m the lady killer, bitches call me Jack Ripper
These niggas is brain washed
Before I lose my shit and make you bitch ass nigga rest in peace
Michael Myers came for Christmas
Think of your child, what you wanna do for it?
I’m a motherfucker monster bitch, lay eggs bigger than an ostrich
Three, four, my niggas knocking on your door
Chucky had some different plans
No one back when she cross the bridge
What’s that ringing with a hundred chicks
Abracadabra now you see, now you don’t
Hardcore crew with a bunch of hits
[?] on niggas, yeah [?]’s back
Plastic Glock with a box of bricks
Think you know me? Just get you a blunt
Trick or treat I pull the heat and show you how to rob a bank
Seven, eight, nine, ten, we comin supper special
They, wanna get the best of me
Crying for a day, yeah purge’s back
Best believe they won’t let me breathe
Get a gun, I ain’t no boxer
Niggas do a lot of sound for a loot or money
Shittin’ on niggas colides to me
Stop, know we niggas bringing death to you
So I need a little stress relief
Nigga I’mma blam like a massacre stand off
[Verse 2: Skits Vicious]
I need little extra weed
Guess that means I’m next in land to catch you with an empty tank
[Verse 4: Sticky Fingaz]
To be .38 fucking straighten your posture G
One, two, yeah we comin’ for your crew
[Intro: Jay Reaper]
Freddy Krueger left the building
Put the gun in my hand Goddamn!
That’s what I’m painting that wall with
Five, six, we’re pissed and we’re equiped
Look at you, you’re fucking pitiful
Shoot you in Hell with this sawn off right here
Niggas call me Jeffrey Dahmer ’cause I’m eating all you niggas

I never been a fan, no
I’ll make you disappear right into thin air
[Verse 1: Jay Reaper]
Put a cut on your face like a apostrophe
They all lay flat when I pop the clip
Push a nigga fucking wig further back
Nigga that check, hand off
I hear you motherfuckers is testin’ me
Beat with fists on tell who running
Smoking blunts with Ted Bundy
Niggas give it up or they ain’t getting shit from me
I’mma shut your straps so you can’t talk
Put a gun to your head, now watch your brain
God struck you punch, dudes see me up
Fuck the world, you’re going after me
Killing these niggas with these murder raps
People’s always told me I ain’t shit
I’ll make a catastrophe, get skeet up with a ski mask for me
Let you live, life would be miserable
Dope D.O.D., Onyx
I ain’t shit You know what bitch?