Ram Gopal Varma’s short film Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chaahti Hai explains why sexuality is one’s own property. Watch video

For example, RGV’s short film displays marriage as a mere sexual transaction between two individuals. I will not live my life for anybody else’s sake
When parents further prod their daughter about what she will do when people start disparaging, disrespecting her profession, the girl says, “Your fear dictates your life and decisions. If you can be an Assitant Manager, why can’t I be a porn star? Read his last tweet

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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd No matter what your profession is, you have to retire after a certain age. Sunny Leone sells her sex appeal. The film has evoked some strong reactions on social media. The conversation begins with the girl asking her father (played by Makarand Deshpande), “If you can be an Assistant Manager, then why can’t I be a porn star. I am not here to make someone else happy.”
5. There is an age limit to everyone and everything.”
The film stars Naina Ganguly, Makarand Deshpande and Divya Jagdale. Here are some top highlights from RGV’s short film:
1. 4. The girl replies, “Respect is a subjective term and cannot be valued.” When father further argues, “Sunny Leone is just a ‘thing’. Everyone is selling something in the world, Sunny Leone sells her sex appeal
When an angry father asks her daughter if she wants to sell her body, the daughter thoughtfully says, ‘Everyone in this world is selling something. The living room conversation between parents and the daughter transcends Sunny Leone and explores the themes of individual choices, suppression and freedom. 2017-06-04T14:29:37+00:00″>
Updated: June 4, 2017 2:29 pm

Ram Gopal Varma’s first short film ‘Meri Beti SUNNY LEONE Banna Chaahti Hai’ is about a girl who wants to be a porn star but faces a strong opposition from her parents. When there is a large display of vulgarity in Bollywood item songs and women are often objectified, is it fair to target Sunny Leone? While some people have slammed this short film right away, others have found it profound. You use it once and when done, you throw it away.” The girl thoughtfully says, “There is no person who is not thrown away after they are used in a profession. The film tries to say that all the prejudices and judgement surrounding an individual’s decision should be discouraged. “I want to invest in my sexuality and gain from it. Her job is to provide a vicarious pleasure to millions of people.”
2. Respect is a subjective term, can’t be valued
During the course of the conversation, the father also asks her daughter that no one respects Sunny Leone. There’s a simple rule to life: If you want to earn something, you have to sell something.”
3. See photoSunny Leone: Let’s judge Priyanka Chopra for her actions, not clothesSunny Leone outruns a bed of chillies in hotness quotient in new PETA ad, see photoSunny Leone’s journey from a porn star to a Bollywood star hasn’t been an easy one. Her quick rise to stardom put her in the cross hairs of popular celebrities and politicians. Ram Gopal Varma’s first short film ‘Meri Beti SUNNY LEONE Banna Chaahti Hai’ sheds some new light on Sunny Leone and it isn’t exactly a glorification. While it’s a fine attempt to look at society through a different prism, it also stumbles on some tricky issues. Mom, you have been taught that your sexuality is your husband’s property,” the girl tells her parents. The short film which is out on YouTube, deals with questions that some may find too uncomfortable. In an industry where everyone uses the word ‘sexuality’ as per his or her convenience, how do you measure Sunny’s choice of career? Watch video

Ram Gopal Varma quits Twitter, says ‘no thanks’ for following him. I am here to live my own life. Some sell their art, others sell their hard work. It is no one else’s right to dictate the terms of how and when she will use her ‘sexuality’. From calling her a threat to Indian culture to a bad influence on youth, Sunny Leone has been a constant victim of hatred. It’s essentially about respecting an individual’s choice of living a life in his or her own way. More Related News

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The film is about a girl who wants to be a porn star but faces a strong opposition from her parents. My sexuality is my asset, my property
The girl also enlightens her parents that she owns her sexuality.