RiFF RaFF – Peach Panther (Freestyle)

To remove you from my presence
Junior High I went through a phase of spray paintin Neon Raisins
The syrup sippin’ chef
Hello American citizens
Call the paparazzi for some help
Pop trunk on Antoine, I let it down on Katie
Katy Mills Mall
Hook like Joe Frazier, house on Green Acres
Spent 80 grand just take a damn nap at the Taj Mahal
I’m about to do a photo shoot
I would hate to have to use brute physical force
Codeine in my blender
My car speaking Israeli
Should any mans try to touch myself
Not only hurting other women
Got more ice than a snow fox
And stay away from men at all cost
Collect call from Bruce Jenner
Diamonds are appraisal
Don’t ask me for no favors

Who is it? Bring Bring!
Me myself personally I’m going into protection mode
Jodie Riff…

Notice how men deserting other men
Good Day America, good day indeed
Versace on my shelf
I can make a shavers aqua velvet street skater
I suggest you take safe precautions
Be very cautious in these trying times
3 wheel through Jack in the box, half a brick in my sock
Used to Dark Daze ’em
Watch that boy ball