Robert Pattinson doesn’t feel as stressed post Twilight saga

“Things have calmed down over the years, which is a relief because at a certain point I got tired of going out in disguise or wearing a baseball cap all the time,” he said. “I like having my management let me know if they think I’m making the wrong choices. I like having people around me now who are willing to tell me what they really think,” Pattinson told Ok! The 31-year-old actor is thankful he no longer comes under the scrutiny he used to and is able to make more fulfilling career choices, reports  “It’s a lot less stressful. He added: “It’s more fun and interesting now. I like the feeling that your life could just fall apart.”
After moving back to London, Pattinson, who is in a relationship with musician FKA Twigs, is relieved he doesn’t have to wear a disguise to dodge fans any more. However, the Good Times star admits he still suffers from self-doubt, though he likes the “edge” of feeling uncertain about his life at all times. I used to be treated like a baby bird that needed to be protected from the outside world and I hated that. It gives you that added edge. But I like that kind of uncertainty. Magazine. And in terms of the work I’m doing now, it feels more honest and authentic. Related News
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Published:June 24, 2017 3:49 pm

Robert Pattinson is in relationship with musician FKA Twigs. I hate the phoneyness that comes with the business sometimes,” he added.