The Mummy actor Jake Johnson says he was initially hesitant about the movie

“And my wife said ‘I have never said this before but I really want you to do it because I really want to hear more about Tom Cruise. The actor plays Sergeant Chris Vail in the movie. “I remember saying to my wife ‘I have a chance to play Tom Cruise’s friend in The Mummy but I don’t know if I want to do it’, because there were a lot of stunts and I know that Tom does them himself and I didn’t want to die on the side of an airplane for a movie. The 39-year-old actor says he had reservations about signing up for the movie as he was aware of the 54-year-old star’s passion for doing his own stunts, and was reluctant to put himself at risk, reported Femalefirst. The Mummy will be released on June 9 in the UK and the US. But Cruise also said the new Mummy was full of adventure, and also very funny, we’re really playing with a lot of tones– which is good news for fans of the Brendan Fraser ones. More Related News

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Published:June 7, 2017 11:42 am

Jake Johnson is featuring as Tom Cruise’s friend in The Mummy. Speaking at a live-streamed launch event in Los Angeles, Tom Cruise said that the film was very intense as if all the trailers didn’t already make that obvious. There is no PR team telling me to say this but he is genuinely just a sweet, passionate, awesome guy,” Johnson says.