Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins reveals how Gal Gadot starrer has affected kindergarten students. Read her note here

This makes every hard day worth it. Read the post shared by Patty Jenkins here. Jenkins shared a note on Twitter that read, “My producer just sent me this… ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! The note tells us how while one girl said she wanted to grow up and speak hundreds of languages like Diana, the other one wanted to be addressed as Wonder Woman only. My producer just sent me this… ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Thank you to whomever wrote it!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”. And this sweet incident is privy to the fact that the movie is already making an impact as far as breaking stereotypes is concerned. This makes every hard day worth it. The film’s success at the box office will definitely result in more movies having a woman at the center of the plot, and also directed by a woman. 2017-06-13T18:48:09+00:00″>
Updated: June 13, 2017 6:48 pm

Wonder Woman is inspiring kindergarten kids as well. The immediate effect on the mindset of little kids across the world who are accustomed to seeing men dominate the superhero world is also evident in the note. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd While Wonder Woman has been smashing the box office all over the world, director Patty Jenkins shared a post about how kindergarten students reacted to the superhero film which was beyond heartwarming. Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman pulled in an estimated $57.2 million in North American theaters, according to studio estimates Sunday. Recently, Gal had shared details of being five months pregnant while re-shooting certain portions of the film, leaving many taking note of how the DC film has quashed several stereotypes in the male dominated film industry. Thank you to whomever wrote it!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pic.twitter.com/3DzIaMueIh
— Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) June 11, 2017
Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. A little boy asked his parents for a Wonder Woman lunchbox while another girl wanted a Wonder Woman themed birthday party at any cost.