​Bigg Boss Tamil episode 7 summary: Kamal Haasan discusses about the week gone by with Snehan, Juliana, Ganja Karupu and Bharani

Namita spoke about missing her pet dogs, especially Chocolate, who met with an accident recently. Kamal also questioned about why Juliana is being targeted, and asked if this was because she was not from the field. After this Kamal pointed out the one thing that disturbed him was Ganja Karuppu’s high temper. Comedian Aarthi said that she missed meals cooked by her dad, and so on and so forth. Oh, and of course, how can Kamal not take potshots about the decaying society and politicians today? We also saw how the luxury budget was decided, and one of the rules – that people should be seated during the decision making. Ganja Karuppu wins audience with his humour and Bharani reacts with honesty and explains how from the time they shot Nadodigal, the two have not got along. He started off by answering to a few critics about how this show is not scripted. We were shown how Bharani and Ganja Karuppu got into an argument over cleaning the floors. It started off with how the housemates were acting contradictory even while they knew that there were cameras all around. But what was the thing that the housemates missed the most inside the Bigg Boss house?  
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Kamal also pointed out that Ganesh was selfish when it came to deciding items on luxury budget. Kamal, in his signature style explains that this reality show is like a mirror to the society and its behaviour today. Kamal also mentioned that he is proud of Namita for being open about sanitation and cleanliness. He did, and quiet subtly in fact. 2017-07-02T21:39:38+00:00″>
Updated: July 2, 2017 9:39 pm

Bigg Boss Tamil episode 7 summary: Before eviction Kamal Haasan discusses the week that went by. Related News
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