AR Rahman’s UK concert disappointed fans, 5 reasons which explain why you are ignorant if you were among them

NonHindi states be refunded for taxes that subsidize Hindi states frm 1947
— Garga Chatterjee (@GargaC) July 13, 2017
5. So here are five reasons why you shouldn’t be surprised by AR Rahman’s set list, especially if you claim to be his fan. Roja, directed by Mani Ratnam (who also happens to south Indian) was AR Rahman’s debut album in film industry. What about your Hindi/Bollywood fans? We try to be honestDia Mirza says AR Rahman is a gift to India and the worldAR Rahman’s One Heart trailer: This Concert film spotlights the man behind the exemplary music. And lastly, it is important to accept as fans of not just AR Rahman, but also music, that language is never a barrier. Well, this means yesterday, today, tomorrow. If that wasn’t reason enough, the concert title was ‘Netru Indru Nalai’. Google AR Rahman Oscar and you will spot it. You might have concluded that there were no Hindi songs performed at the concert. Waited for a very long time to be disappointed. Well, if that wasn’t convincing enough, one only has to look at his work. Not just us, but Twitterati also wonder what the Hindi speaking people thought this meant. Approx 1% of songs in Hindi. The south Indian community, which doesn’t speak Hindi much (isn’t that the perception at least?) wonders how music lovers could be so biased. A complete set of memorable Hindi songs from his illustrious career? Related News
AR Rahman on Wembley concert row: We try our best. 3. #ssearena filled on #falseadvertising
— Gautam Vaidya (@gautamvaidya) July 8, 2017

Lovely to see @arrahman but all the songs are in Tamil! From “Kun Faya” – one of the most loved compositions to “Patakha Gudi” in Highway, there were quite a few tracks that were performed. However, this musician is above all that. 2. #ARRahman #london
— nazia chishty (@Nazoo_Chishty) July 8, 2017

#ARRahman very disapointed with the concert tonight in Wembley. 1. 2017-07-13T21:33:21+00:00″>
Published:July 13, 2017 9:33 pm

Twitterati erupted in support of and against the AR Rahman concert. So Twitterati erupted in support of and against the concert. He dedicates it to God by saying, “Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukke”. This happens to be the capital of Tamil Nadu where people speak Tamil. And the ensuing Twitter battle has left onlookers rolling on the floor in splits. The language is Tamil. The title Mozart of Madras was given to him by fans for his heart-touching music because the composer is from Madras, which is today’s Chennai. #ssearena and #wembley are trending on Twitter as many fans of Mozart of Madras came out of the concert disappointed because the set list of the concert did not contain any/many Hindi songs depending on the person tweeting. See what people wrote on Twitter about AR Rahman;s concert: 

#ARRahman SINGS a lot of Tamil songs and suddenly all HINDI folks erupt, lol guys that’s the same feel when u want ur HINDI all over south. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd If you had been ignorant of all these, because it is ignorance if you didn’t know this, we are sure you watched the moment when AR Rahman was awarded the Oscar, or for that matter any award ceremony where he was given an award. It might be a popular movie in Hindi, but it is originally Tamil, which was dubbed in Hindi. Watch videoIf you are one of the many clueless individuals on Twitter right now and are wondering how fans could ever come out of an AR Rahman concert unhappy, the Hindi-speaking community has made the impossible possible. It doesn’t help that Hindi is being forced upon south Indians through new laws as it is the ‘National language’. So whether AR Rahman sings “Dil Se Re” or “Kannire” – watching him perform live is an experience in itself. — VID (@ItsmeVID) July 11, 2017

#ARRahman concert: Never seen so much #dissapointment & #masswalkouts. ???
— Vinay Aravind (@vinayaravind) July 12, 2017

We must demand refund of tax paid to Indian Govt as we dont get service in my Langauge @asaravanan21 #stopHindiImposition #ARRahman
— ಅರುಣ್ ಜಾವಗಲ್Arun J (@ajavgal) July 13, 2017

This is how v feel when Hindi is imposed or Hindi songs r in list in Yuva Dasara Mysuru or Hindi is heard in flight announcement.#ARRahman
— Abhi Nandan (@Abhinandan248) July 13, 2017

Hindis want concert ticket refund coz #ARRahman sang Tamil songs. Not expected from a legend
— Archana Sawant (@archana_ssawant) July 8, 2017

So Amits heard 16 Hindi songs and 12 Tamil songs and now want a refund. 4.