Baaraat Company director Syed Ahmad Afzal: We prefer actors who can play their parts well. That brings less eyeballs, but more satisfaction

There is a life beyond cinema and that is more important. You had the honour of working with late veteran actor Farooq Sheikh, can you share something about the great actor? More filmmakers are now experimenting with digital platforms. For instance, I have started my YouTube channel, where I uploaded a film that I shot on my phone, it is called the Bicycle Girl. He was a person who would talk to me, and I have six hundred messages stored in my phone, all of our conversations. Baarat company also has a youth appeal, you can say the film mirrors the old ideologies versus new ideologies through old Lucknow and new Lucknow. We don’t get big stars, we prefer actors who can play their parts well. Afzal is one of the few young directors who had the honour of working with late veteran actor Farooq Sheikh in Youngistan, and today this brilliant director, who happens to be an independent filmmaker, talks about his films, life and Farooq Sheikh, his mentor. These are things every independent filmmaker dreams of, to explore every arena. I would love to make content with so many brilliant actors out there who are amazing but aren’t getting work. Having said what we have spoken about, I have tried to make a wholesome entertainer. It is exciting how there are so many platforms for a filmmaker now. When I went to Japan to shoot a few sequences for Youngistan, he asked me to not only go and shoot blindly. We have tried to show the new type of marriage, the love-and-arranged-marriage. Being independent filmmakers, of course we are on a budget all the time, I am not a producer so can’t talk about that, but it does affect. What about Baaraat Company? So with these platforms we have more opportunities to explore more creative ideas. Any such plans? For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Syed Ahmad Afzal talks about his films, life and Farooq Sheikh, his mentor. I was fortunate enough to have worked with him in at least one film. I believe whatever I do, the idea should be exciting enough for people to consume it. When it comes to marriage, both the worlds get involved. One thing he said which is very close to my heart is that, for us, filmmakers and actors, after a certain time, cinema becomes everything, and we need to break that. Parents should also be involved in the marriage of their children. Voices from both the side, the modern age and the traditional should be heard. So in the film, we’ve tried to showcase how it is important to bring the best from both ideologies, the modern as well as traditional. Farooq sahab was a man who lived his life fully, worked because work was passion and work was fun. Arranged marriages are quite normal in northern India, but now people are considering the couple’s need for space, so the two can understand and know each other. Youngistan and Laal Rang, both had strong youth appeal. Last two films I directed, Laal Rang and Youngistan were also budgeted but the starcast was good and we got a good response. I would love to make content for the digital platform too. That brings less eyeballs, but more satisfaction. No section of the audience will feel alienated. Everytime I feel a little lost, I go back to those messages and somehow I find the direction and answers in those messages. It has come out beautifully, it gives a feel of how a film used to be made with a sixteen camera set-up. The film is youth oriented and it shows the shades of the new generation, which is opinionated and independent. Apart from being an actor, he was a fatherly figure for me. He wanted me to explore the country. He would always tell me that everytime I traveled for work, I should keep my horizons wide enough to grasp the best of different cultures of many countries. How easy or difficult is it for an independent filmmaker to make a film, promote it and release it, especially when the industry is saturated with big camps? As an independent filmmaker I am constantly trying to innovate myself. Top News
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