Bigg Boss Tamil: Kamal Haasan protects Oviya, exposes Juliana’s lies

To expose Juliana’s lies, Kamal played a video clip, where Juliana was telling Oviya that everybody in the house thinks she is faking her pain. And he threatened to slap her. But, Juliana continued to defend herself and accused Oviya of playing games. He also advised Oviya not to take this victory to her head. Shakthi got in a defensive mode. It was a double celebration for Oviya as Kamal told she has been saved from the elimination round by the people. Oviya also asked Shakthi why was she removed as the captain of the cleaning team and was not even informed about it. For the uninitiated, Gayathri, Namitha and Juliana sang loudly all-night to disturb Oviya’s sleep. 2017-07-23T14:04:10+00:00″>
Updated: July 23, 2017 2:04 pm

Bigg Boss Tamil Saturday’s episode update

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Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya gets bullied by Gayathri Raghuram, Namitha, Juliana, celebs express outrageKamal Haasan ‘attacked Hindu beliefs’, BJP will oppose his entry into politics: H RajaBJP Tamil Nadu unit takes dig at Kamal Haasan, wonders why actor had a ‘sudden awakening’After an eventful Thursday night, the Bigg Boss Tamil housemates woke up to super hit folk number from Jigarthanda film, Pandi Naatu Kodi, with Oviya jumping out of the bed and started dancing, much to Gayathri and Namitha’s disdain. It’s worth noting that Oviya was the only person who was supportive towards her when she was cornered by the others in the house. When Aarar was asked to share his thoughts, he told that he felt Gayathri, Namitha and Juliana sang songs at that time of the hour to irritated Oviya. Without a doubt, the way Kamal handled the problems inside the house, should have satisfied the fans, who have been pouring out their rage on social media against Gayathri, Namitha and Juliana, who had ganged up against Oviya. Gayathri and Namitha admitted that they thought Juliana was acting in the beginning and Raiza said since Juliana was already getting help from others she didn’t think her help was needed. He even asked as to why he did not inform Oviya about her being removed as the captain of the cleaning team. All housemates were surprised by the video clip. Kamal took Juliana to the task. It even inspired a small grin from show host Kamal Haasan, who was watching the Friday’s events of the house with the audience. Juliana’s defiance visibly irked Kamal, who asked Snehan to advise his ‘sister’. Kamal questioned Shakthi’s behaviour and even suggested that he was a bit biased when dealing with issues related to Oviya. Shakthi was caught off-guard and in the meantime, other housemates pulled Oviya away from Shakthi. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd It was a clear message that she was unfazed by all the bullying she was subjected to the last few days. Namitha and Ganesh were still in danger zone. But, Kamal refused to buy his arguments. Kamal asked the ladies in the house as to why they chose to stay away from Juliana when she was wailing from stomach ache. Oviya said she was smart enough to understand what was happening in the house. Juliana lied about Oviya and everyone in the house thought Oviya had been pitting people against each other. But, when Gayathri and Namitha came in the room, she threw Oviya under the bus. Oviya was only pacifying her and giving her a pep talk to make her stop crying. He advised her to remain honest and sincere and become more responsible. She stood up to him and dared him to slap her and even went near to him. Aarar and Snehan called for a meeting with house captain Shakthi Vasudevan to discuss the unpleasant events of previous nights. Gayathri argued that everything she said was in general and she did not mean anyone in particular. And Shakthi seemingly was more inclined to agree with Gayathri. Gayathri was her usual self and minced no words in taunting Oviya. She asked Shakthi why she was being targetted when she does not interfere in other’s business. She turned on Oviya to win the favour of Gayathri and Namitha. This incident made Kamal very unhappy. Shakthi argued that he told it loudly in the house and he assumed Oviya heard it. It was the men in the house that rushed to her aid. Kamal later moved on to other housemates, who played ‘Antakshari’ at 2 AM.