Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan loves La La Land

That’s very true when you have kids, so your tastes do tend to go more mainstream in that period because you want some sort of guarantee of entertainment,” he says. Related News
Christopher Nolan believes Dunkirk cast is one of the greatest everChristopher Nolan would do a James Bond film if it needed reinventionChristopher Nolan did not know who Harry Styles was before casting him in DunkirkScience-fiction is his forte, but when it comes to watching movies, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has an inclination towards romantic musicals like La La Land. The 46-year-old director, who is currently geared up for the release of his film Dunkirk, says his tastes have become a bit more mainstream since having kids, reported Entertainment Weekly. I saw that three times myself,” Christopher Nolan says. “Funnily enough, studio executives always talk about what form of entertainment are you giving people. It was one of the films which had a lot of nominations at the Oscars. La La Land had opened doors for more musicals in Hollywood. Do they really want the guy to die at the end? His next film Dunkirk will be releasing on July 21. Christopher Nolan is famous for making science fiction, however with releases like The Prestige, Following, The Dark Knight and Interstellar, one can safely say that the director has tried his hands in all genres and excelled at it. People have paid for a babysitter. The film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone had been one of the most critically acclaimed Hollywod films. The film had grabbed most number of awards the at Golden Globes and had won five Oscars including, Best actress award , Best Original Score, Best director, Best Cinematography and Best Production Design. “I went back to see that (La La Land) a couple of times. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Published:July 16, 2017 5:53 pm

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk releases on July 21.