Fetty Wap – Crew (Freestyle)

And Hit her once and now she braggin’, baby, yeah
Money on my jewels, money like a jew, [?]
On this beat I go crazy, oh Tell me, who can fuck with my flow, baby?
I keep money all around me, around me

There are demons all around me
Demons all around me
And See a nigga, don’t you pass him, baby, yeah

Tired of playing around, holding up my crown when I step outside, baby
Smoke the room up ’til it’s cloudy, it’s cloudy
Niggas acting like lames and niggas ain’t in my lane and
Tell me she ain’t fine, shawty you a dime, I tell you all the time, baby
Never tried to just flex, baby, and these other niggas swagging
Now everywhere that I go, baby, bitches screaming my name and
Pull up, pickin’ up and roll, babe, this time we ain’t wasted
I got demons all around me, telling me I’m the man

Zoovie I’m the truth, i’ma keep it true and that’s on my life, baby (yeah)
I keep money all around, all around, all around me
I was tired of living in the basement, shot past niggas, it was crazy
Let’s go round [?], whatever you like, baby
And If you want it you can have it now, baby, yeah
And Seen you tryna fit that ass in, baby, yeah
’cause I’m really in [?], baby
They ‘gon play, they ‘gon play ’round, baby
And I promise I was never nothing like the rest, baby
Ride and catch your flight, I’ma be alright, ain’t nothing nice, baby (yeah)
I ain’t do this for no [?], it was just for the fans
I’m sorry to all my fans who have been waiting
Love it when I bring that cash in, baby, yeah
I got demons all around me, you can’t fuck up my plan, yeah
And Get into it, bring in bags in, baby, yeah
And I’ma say what’s on my mind, tell me what ain’t mine, I’ma make it mine, baby
[?] with you, see my boys gon’ play ’round, baby
And I’m the king, you better ask them, baby, yeah