Goutham Nanda movie review: This Gopichand film insults the intelligence of the audience

It is like the moment Goutham steps into Nanda’s house, he achieves such a maturity that he no longer needs money or cocaine to be happy or live life to its fullest. From there on, Goutham’s self-discovering journey becomes a tedious watch. The first song is also an attempt to advise the audience to live life happily without worrying about the future and has words like “Hey Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.” Ironically, the director did not seem to have a problem in showing Goutham snorting cocaine off a girl’s shoulder. So, he decides to kill himself. The only scene where Goutham’s character is convincing is when he plans to crash his car into a big truck so he can feel the pain. But, the problem in the story is such a huge transformation in a character takes a long time and extraordinary efforts from the character itself. Nanda also jumped in front of Goutham’s car to commit suicide because of his financial problems. That’s how a person who snorts cocaine would think. It feels like there is no connection between Goutham’s character and his actions. Hansika Motwani as Spoorthi plays an ideal girlfriend and her character has very limited scope to make any mark. Sampath may argue that this film is about a spoiled brat who turns into a responsible citizen after a reality check. And this unconvincing tale of two sides of the same coin leads to an obvious end that we saw coming a mile away. Goutham Nanda was expected to give Gopichand a much-needed break at the box office. After he survives the car crash, he hits Nanda (Gopichand, again). Goutham goes to Nanda’s house located in a low-life area in Hyderabad, while Nanda to Goutham’s castle in Bengaluru. He is the only son of a business tycoon played by Sachin Khedekar. And again, it is highly difficult to buy a second of Goutham and Nanda as characters. Goutham Nanda is one of those commercial films that insult the intelligence of the audience. Instead, it is the audience who ends up craving for a break from the incoherent and nonsensical attempt at storytelling. While both the characters are forgettable, Gopichand’s performance as Nanda is an oasis in the barren stretch. Do you see where the director is going with it? Goutham has everything but he claims he has never experienced true emotions in his life that made him incapable of knowing who he is truly. It also shows his conviction that as long as the package is fancy, the audience will lap up any story thrown at them. Goutham (Gopichand) is born with a silver spoon. Goutham, accompanied by beautiful girls, is introduced with a song shot in picturesque foreign locations. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd His father even calls him to complain as to why his monthly bill is less than a million, and advises him to spend more. As you may have guessed, Goutham comes up with a plan of trading places with Nanda so that he can get a 30-day crash course in poverty. Goutam leads a life of excess with his father’s blessing. It’s highly unconvincing when Sampath tries to sell an idea that a crackhead can turn over a new leaf overnight. Goutham Nanda exposes director-writer Sampath, who seems incapable of creativity and logical thinking. Director Sampath Nandi has whipped up a cringeworthy story and uninteresting lead characters. Catherine Tresa as Mugdha plays a party girl and that’s about it. 2017-07-28T16:24:56+00:00″>
Updated: July 28, 2017 4:24 pm

Goutham Nanda movie review

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