Happy Birthday Naseeruddin Shah: 5 films that prove the veteran actor is a favourite among millennials too

Naseeruddin Shah seems to have a way with Urdu poetry. It was Shah alone who carried this film on his shoulders and sent artistes like Anupam Kher on sidelines. As a means of celebrating the birthday of this great artiste, here’s what he means to the millennials, and his five films from recent years which remain in our minds. A Wednesday
In this film, Naseeruddin Shah voiced the concern of common people, who were terrified of constant terrorist attacks in the country. Shah epitomised in this gritty performance what a common man can do if he loses his patience. But we know this man is not limited to being a mere parallel cinema actor. Om Puri and Shah were the only comic relief in this very dark film.  
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In Vishal Bhardwaj’s Maqbool, based on Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, Naseeruddin Shah played one of the corrupt cop duo along with his old friend Om Puri and absolutely nailed it. The way he recites it is music to ears. Shah is not known as a comedy actor, but like almost everything else, he does it pretty well too. 2017-07-20T14:23:20+00:00″>
Published:July 20, 2017 2:23 pm

On Naseeruddin Shah’s 67th birthday, here are five films that the millenials thank him for. It was a delight to hear the elegant, poetic couplets coming out of his paan stained mouth and his sardonic smile made the experience all the more pleasing. Aamir Khan might have been the lead in Sarfarosh, but it was Naseeruddin who actually stole the show. In Sarfarosh, Shah played a poet and a terrorist in hiding. Shah did a stellar job in depicting the pain of a father looking for his missing son. Related News
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An important film set in the backdrop of 2002 Gujarat riots, Naseeruddin Shah played the head of a Parsi family who finds itself embroiled in the heinous communal violence. Dedh Ishqiya
Shah reprised his Ishqiya role in this film and delivered one of the best performances in recent times.