Hulk can now hold a conversation, like a normal man in new Thor: Ragnarok trailer. Watch video

Updated: July 23, 2017 10:55 am

Thor: Ragnarok releases on November 3. That’s exactly what Thor tells Bruce Banner later, but you suspect by his tone that he is lying. No, not just short, curt sentences like the legendary “puny god” line in the first Avengers film. Stuntmen live dangerous lives with little renumeration. The poster shows all the important characters in the film in a sort of cascade like presentation. Watch videoGal Gadot challenges Thor for fight against Wonder WomanThor actor Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky have a pet snakeThe brand new trailer of upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok was released at ongoing San Diego Comic Con by Marvel. Really, how could he defeat the Incredible Hulk without his hammer Mjolnir? This is the second trailer of the film and tells us more about what Thor is upto in the film, what are the alliances he is going to made, and how humongously powerful the villain of the film Hela played by suitable malice by the veteran Cate Blanchett. And he will need allies to defeat her. Does that mean he wins? And it is cool that an important actor went public to substantiate this fact. Apparently, Thor is going to ally with his brother-cum-enemy Loki. His fight with other Avengers is proof. Just like he was a normal human being and not a green monster with unlimited power! Check out the new #ThorRagnarok #SDCC poster that just debuted in Hall H! She is the goddess of death after all. Talking of allies brings us to two very interesting things in the trailer. Related News
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Moving on from the trailer (which you should not miss), Chris Hemsworth posted a nice photo with his stuntman and body-double on Instagram, appreciating the man for his work. Of course, that is only until Loki betrays him yet again and it remains to be seen how long will that be. The hammer which was pulverised offhandedly by Hela? The recent death of a The Walking Dead stuntman has reinforced the fact. He actually holds a conversation  Thor sitting together calmly. We also saw the new poster of Thor: Ragnarok. That’s the first thing. Speaking of which, Hela is the most powerful being Thor has faced yet. The second thing is Hulk talks!