Kaelah – Save Me lyrics

Save…Save Me
Oh, ooo

You…you really turn me on
The way you look at me
Those big brown eyes
Boy they smiling
You, you well you need me
Don’t you need me (you need me boy)
So, we… I need to tell you
That I love you
So I….wait for you all day everyday
You got my heart fluttering this way
I feel like I can’t even breathe
Wont you

Save…Save Me
Ohhh come.. Should stop the waiting (I’m running to you boy)
And start running (I’m running to you boy)
Cause we miss eachother all day everyday
Our hearts are fluttering this way
And we can’t even breathe come and

Save…Save Me
Save…Save Me

So here we are, here we are right now
We searching for, for our lost and found
It’s been very clear to me that
You mean the world to me (Mmm)
Wont you come save me

Save…Save me
Come and save me boy come
Save…Save me (Come save me)
Ooh I need you right now
Save me…Save me (Come save, Save me)
Wont you save me now? I… I reach up to you to feel you
To feel you boy, I… I’m standing here feeling so lost, so lost
Oh, I…