Sal Houdini – 7Pm In Kuwait (Rose Album)

When I disappear you try to bring me back in
This might be the last time you hear my name
If you were appreciative
I can’t stop the tears that are falling
It’s almost 8
Posted up on block 3 I’m waiting
She will always be special to me
*Crowd cheering*
‘Cause I firmly believe that I’m the one for you
Anxiety gets the best of me my thoughts all become scrambled
There’s more that I’ve lost than all that I’ve gained
I got to be the greatest man alive to show you what I mean
[Verse 2]
I can’t deal with pain I’m way too sensitive
*Crowd cheering*
Sorry you’re the reason for all my pain
Say you never asked me baby

I only took the gig just to see you
I came all the way to Kuwait
I didn’t know you had a man I thought that you and him were through
You got to be home fuck your man he’s a waste
I cannot pretend no longer pretend
Girl you taken tell me what’s it really that you want from me
Think that was my last trip in that place
My feelings are here yeah they never left

Losing my sleep when you don’t deserve me
Coming to get you at 7PM
All I did was stare out that airplane
Why you gonna break my heart?
Why can’t you appreciate the things I do for you?
That you were never in my faith
Didn’t want to know that we wouldn’t be again
I can’t pretend that I don’t love you after what you’ve done to me
It’s a personal song
Things that I do you hate it
7,000 miles I came just to see you
Why you going to break my heart?
Why do I still get treated like I’m nothing?
My feelings are here yeah they never left
I’m too traumatized there’s no way to face
Why you going to break my heart?
Soon as I was told I was heartbroken
I cannot pretend no longer pretend
One time I’d appreciate it
Please don’t, please don’t break my heart
I made this for a girl who’s very special to me
[Verse 3]
Lying to myself that I’ll Be OK
Feels like I’m the only one without a loving
Posted up on block 3 I’m waiting for you
And that you’re not the one for me
Why you going to break my heart?
Want to disappear want to go away
Why you going to break my heart?
Everyone’s made in a pair except for me when I was made
Please don’t, please don’t break my heart
Tears inside the Lamborghini while I’m driving in Kuwait
You were my babe last fall and
[Verse 1]
God isn’t with me he won’t let me love again
My intentions were to get you
This might be the last song that I’mma make
Why do we still talk like we are more than friends?
Nothing left to do for me but to pray
I had a lot of things planned to make you mine officially
You don’t need to
There’s no way to say this
I can’t work with a broken heart my shows got to be cancelled
Coming to get you at 7PM

I got to handle the label all by myself I’m never free
Don’t you, don’t you break my heart
I just go through things a lot more than anybody else I know
No matter what happens, "I’ll Be OK"
Had to cut my trip short too much to take in
Tried to do things so you would reserve me

Where did I go wrong what mistakes made?
And I’m sorry for the times I made you think that I’m an asshole
I’m too young to be stressing I’m not where I wanted to be
It’s getting late
And when I give you things you say I didn’t have to and that shit hurts a lot
I got to deal with a heart I don’t want I’m only 23
So I said that I’mma come and take what’s mine initially

You’ve seen how I live how I’m almost famous
I hope that you miss me think of me daily
I’m the man you should be loving putting all your trust in me
*Crowd cheering*
Now this fall I’m all alone in the states

I keep lying to myself saying you’re not the one I need
I need to know what God is holding against me what’s with the hate