Shab movie review: Even interesting faces fail to save this sloppy, choppy piece of work

But there’s simply not enough, and we remain uninvested, uninterested. Does her husband play the field, or is she by instinct a cougar? Newcomer Ashish Bisht playing a ‘desi’ boy desperate to become a model leaves an impression. This has been explored before. A predatory gay mentor-to-hopeful-boys ( Suri) shows up. 2017-07-15T00:57:13+00:00″>
Updated: July 15, 2017 12:57 am

Shab movie review: Raveena Tandon plays a rich man’s bored wife, but you wish her character had been written with more depth. The others don’t fare so well. All these are characters, fleshed properly, could have given us a film. The subject keeps surfacing : what people do, why they do those things, and the gaps between intent and execution, are all endlessly fascinating. Related News
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Shab movie director: Onir
Shab movie rating: 1.5 stars
Shab offers up slices of Delhi life : awkward but athletic young men strutting their stuff on the ramp, high-society hi-jinks, middle-aged women and their muscular ‘personal trainers’, gay designers with an eye for fresh flesh, wounded women of the night, and so on. There are interesting faces here. Given Onir’s experience in creating interesting characters grappling with the kind of personal demons not usually seen in Bollywood, especially in his last outing ‘I Am’, ‘Shab’ should have been a far more accomplished film. So does a man left hanging by a flighty boy-friend. Madhur Bhandarkar got a whole film ( Page 3) out of the rich and the famous and the good-looking and their ugly peccadilloes. Why is her marriage in the doldrums? For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App But this is a sloppy, choppy piece of work. Raveena Tandon plays a rich man’s bored wife, but you wish her character had been written with more depth. There’s a French guy ( Frenay) with a sad past, and a short-haired woman ( Chatterjee) with a fraught present, but again, they are drawn sketchily. He’s also the most detailed character, and a few things he does – picking up a godawful garment, using broken English to impress—is life-like.