Shamantakamani movie review: Sudheer Babu film is low on logic, high on drama

And the director doesn’t punish us with unwanted song sequences or punch-lines. It doesn’t makes you laugh out loud throughout the course of the narration either. Shamantakamani falls flat as a suspense thriller but Sriram makes up for it with drama and fascinating characters. Shamantakamani is one of the movies that you won’t regret watching. Shamantakamani seems to be a car blessed with magical powers that favour good people with their desires and punishes bad people for their actions. Karthik (Aadi), Kotipalli Siva (Sundeep Kishan), Mahesh Babu (Rajendra Prasad) accidentally come in contact with the car and each of them reveals their connection to the theft during the police investigation. It seems the director was a bit hasty while writing a few portions towards the end. To get back at his arrogant father, he takes out the car for a ride to celebrate his birthday. But, his father wouldn’t let him touch it. There are a handful of logical follies in the narration of Shamantakamani. Aadi plays a hopeless romantic from a working class, who is in love with a rich girl and has delivered a convincing performance. The lives of everyone involved in the theft investigation changes forever that night. 2017-07-14T15:34:10+00:00″>
Updated: July 14, 2017 3:34 pm

Shamantakamani movie review

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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd The film’s visuals are sleek and stylish. Watch videoSundeep Kishan replaces Naga Chaitanya in NaragasooranKunal Kohli begins Telugu film with Tamannaah Bhatia, Sundeep KishanShamantakamani  movie cast: Sundeep Kishan, Sudheer Babu, Aadi Saikumar, Rajendra Prasad
Shamantakamani  movie director: Sriram Adittya
Shamantakamani  movie rating: 2 stars
Director Sriram Adittya’s latest release Shamantakamani was marketed as an action/suspense thriller but it feels like a fantasy drama revolving around a vintage Rolls-Royce. The lives of everyone that crossed paths with Shamantakamani that night changes forever. The director, who has also written the story and screenplay, has not delivered a Sherlock Holmes-esque investigative thriller that takes the audience down a rabbit hole or makes them sit-on-the-edge of their seat with nail-biting sequences. Suman’s son Krishna (Sudheer Babu) is a good-hearted person and the car is very close to his heart as it is a connection between him and his dead mother. Well, the suspense is a big let down, comedy and emotions work in favour of the movie. Inspector Ranjith Kumar wakes up to a call from the Commissioner, who informs him about the theft of an expensive car, which made headlines after a greedy businessman, played by Suman, bought it for Rs 5 crore at an auction. But, we can afford to overlook them in appreciation of Sriram’s presentation skills. Shamantakamani is a very simple film that you may find appealing emotionally, if not intellectually. Rajendra’s character reminds us of his role in Quick Gun Murugan in the scenes where he tries to project himself as a larger-than-life hero. ‘Shamantakamani’ (the car) gets stolen under the cover of the dark from the parking lot of a posh hotel in Hyderabad, where Ranjith and his sidekick had passed out in their patrolling car after having one too many free drinks supplied by the hotel management as part of the bribe. He gets drunk with friends and loses the car. While some have a happy ending, others reap what they sow. Sundeep as a village youth draws some genuine laughs along with Rajendra Prasad.