The Doppelgangaz – Dopp Hopp (Dopp Hopp Album)

Open mic circuit had to work it with the flyers
In a haze with his eyes glazed
Nah dog we ain’t waiting for the praise
No longer inspired, career done expired, fired

See it’s never not worth it, even certain quagmires
Came to give you what you need
Catch the nigga Matter ov Fact up in Friday’s
French shorty in the blue tweed
[Verse 2: Matter ov Fact]
Know the right temp for sous vide
In the Powerglide two speed
Salivating for a raise
For tastes that be acquired
Rappers u admired looking tired
[Verse 1: EP]
‘Cus its gang
Told the homie Tobias go against grain

Rotator cuff sprain, driving in the truck lane
D-O-P-P H-O-P-P x8
And he Got a little taken back by it
Made him eat the box, she don’t suck wang
Nigga sticking out his leg
Playing Lou Reed
Got no Waze app, no map, navigating thru the maze, it’s a trap
Flip phone in his belt clip turned sideways

You don’t make it back, first, for the currywurst mukbang
Took a seat and sat quiet
At the Grand Hyatt, showed the bell hop Wyatt a few tracks
Transform into an Autobot Mustang
Leave much to be desired, all about how u wired
It’ll make you worry worse
Sick to his stomach, now the little brat need a Brat Diet agh
Putting out the bait for the accidental thigh graze woo
Not phased, never saying it’s a wrap
Not a luck thing, it’s an I don’t give a fuck thing
Same thing in the rap game, cut it on a bias