Tollywood drug case: Ram Gopal Varma ridicules probe officer Akun Sabharwal, media

“Apart from Intention of curbing drug menace shouldn’t Mr.Sabarwal be also morally responsible enough to put an end to media speculations of how the people at the enquiry are being treated? “It looks like drugs were never there before the alleged film industry’s involvement …Is there a deep rooted conspiracy to target only the film industry? (sic),” Ram Gopal Varma posted on his Facebook page. How will the enquiry team members feel if they and their family members are being humiliatingly paraded without any basis ..I appeal to the humaneness of Mr.Sabarwal and his team to be more sensitive in how they do their job without maligning people’s minds?,” he questioned. He said, “Media has destroyed his life with baseless stories.”
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Watch videoDirector Puri Jagannadh appears before SIT probing Hyderabad drug racketKin of Ravi Teja, Puri Jagannadh vouch for their innocence, suggest conspiracyControversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has ridiculed a section of the media and a top official who is heading the probe into the Hyderabad drug scandal. “I am very much wondering if the school children taking drugs also will be summoned by SIT and interrogated for 12 hours like they are doing to Poori jagan and Subba Raju ..just asking? “Whatever the actual truth of the drugs matter the law in its own course might tell or not tell but for the moment Akun Sabharwal is being projected like Amarendta Bahubali by the Media ..Maybe S S Rajamouli should make Bahubali 3 with him,” RGV quipped. After appearing before the SIT, Puri shared a media on social media expressing his anguish over the media speculations. “Calling someone for questioning does not mean they are guilty. 2017-07-22T18:28:47+00:00″>
Published:July 22, 2017 6:28 pm

Ram Gopal Varma opens up on Tollywood drug scandal. “Nobody is denying the integrity of Mr.Sabarwal or his department but even without any charges or conclusive proof to allow the media leaks to destroy the reputations of people apart from causing distress to their families is highly deplorable. Related News
Hyderabad drug racket: Puri Jagannadh addresses fans after a 10-hour-long interrogation by SIT. “I think it’s right for Akun Sabharwal and his team to speak out and make it clear to people not to listen to malicious conspiracies and already think of people like criminals without even being charged or cases filed,” he added. He also slammed the media for allegedly projecting Prohibition and Excise (P&E) Director Akun Sabharwal as ‘Amerendra Baahubali’ in the controversy. He questioned the need for marathon questioning of director Puri Jagannadh and actor Subbaraju. However, Akun Sabharwal has told the media that one cannot be called guilty just because he or she is being questioned. Is Akun Sabarwal so inhuman that he is not considering the inhuman humiliations the various people are going through citing leaks from the department ?,” said Ram Gopal Varma. A section of media has gone into overdrive in churning out speculative stories regarding the alleged connection of Tollywood celebrities with a drug mafia, which was recently busted in Hyderabad. However, his post in support of his colleagues in the Telugu film industry garnered a lot of flak. They may or may not be. “Of course everyone kind of know it exists but first time everyone actually heard about this department only because they are using the film industry as a teaser trailer for people to come to know their existence,” he added. That is what we are still probing,” Sabharwal told NDTV. He also alleged possible ulterior motives behind probing the celebrities as it gets the investigating officials a lot of attention. Later he posted a series of posts further explaining his stance on the controversy.