Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2017 full episode written update: Shagun encounters Pihu and Ashok

Ruhi says the marketing manager called her up and rushes in. Next we see Aadi keeping the luggage in the car trunk when the watchman comes there and says to Aadi if he is the same but Aadi stops him mid way and gives money to him. Shagun says he must be around and rushes to catch him when he finds Pihu in the corridor. She says she knows Ruhi used to look like her at that time so she made a mole on her upper lip. Kiran calls Ishita to tell her and asks her to stop Pihu and handle the situation. Raman asks her if she talked to any of her friends. Shagun overhears and starts yelling why they didn’t inform her when Ashok was there and she gets irritated as she doesn’t even remember his number. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Aadi comes there to help her but Aaliya asks him to leave but Aadi says he won’t leave as Ishita has sent him here and if she has any problem then she can talk to Ishita. Here is whyDivyanka Tripathi reveals why she married Vivek Dahiya. Ruhi says she went to the office as she got a call from the manager and she appeared scared. Pihu says she is good and she missed her too. Aadi says he’ll call him on her behalf. See pics, videosAshok meets Aadi in the corridor and Aadi asks him what he is doing there. Aaliya comes with her luggage and trips and Aadi rushes to hold her but Aaliya says she should’ve called Nikhil. There at home Santoshi says to Shagun that she won’t let her go anywhere till Raman comes. Shagun hugs Pihu and says she missed her a lot and asks her how she is and calls her by Ruhi’s name. Aaliya sees Aadi shushing the watchman and asks watchman what is the matter when he says he was just helping Aadi out. Shagun says she wants to go out for spa, kitty parties and to meet her friends. Everyone is shocked to see Pihu handling the situation. Ishita was about to get out of the door but stops when she sees Shagun there. Madhu comes there and pulls Aadi in and says don’t talk to him. Related News
Nach Baliye 8: Divyanka Tripathi, Dipika Kakar have a higher chance of lifting the trophy. Madhu says she is grown up and Ishita hugs her. There Aaliya goes to Mani’s house to get her belongings and hesitates to open the door and drops the key recalling Mani’s body. There Ruhi sees Neelu arranging her wardrobe and is sceptical about the glove in Ruhi’s bag. Kiran reaches school to pick up the children and Ananya tells her that Pihu has gone with some neighbour because Ruhi didn’t come to pick her up. Raman comes there and asks what’s the matter. She asks Raman where is her phone and credit cards and all her stuff and Ashok comes there and says he has got all that. Aadi pushes him and Ashok says he is going to be his dad once he marries Shagun. Ishita also finds her behaviour strange. 2017-07-22T20:54:07+00:00″>
Published:July 22, 2017 8:54 pm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2017 full episode written update: Shagun hugs Pihu and says she missed her a lot. Aadi sees a glove there and is worried. Ishita is in the corridor to see off Kiran and thanks her for all she is doing while Ruhi comes there and Kiran asks her why she didn’t go to pick up the children. Pihu asks Ishita why she is wearing these clothes as Shagun has gone 12 years back and at that time she used to wear salwar kurta. Shagun says how would she when doesn’t recall any numbers. Meanwhile Pihu comes there and tells them she overhead Kiran and Ishita’s conversation when she came to meet them at Kiran’s house. At Iyer’s house Kiran asks Ishita how did Pihu handle the situation and Ishita says even she wants to know. Ruhi asks her which manager was with her and Kiran says production manager. Kiran says she was in office too but she didn’t get to know anything of this sort. Raman and Ishita go to the doctor to discuss about Shagun’s condition. The reason will surprise you, see photosNach Baliye 8: Divyanka Tripathi dances with on-screen husband Karan Patel, Sonakshi Sinha-Terence Lewis get romantic. There Shagun reaches home when Santoshi and Madhu are discussing about Ashok. Ruhi rushes towards her and says it’s nothing. Aadi and Aaliya walk in and Aaliya walks to her room to pack her stuff while Aadi is scared as he stands at the murder location. Ashok says let’s not talk about him as it’s time to worry about his mom and steps ahead to hug him and says he should hug his dad. On their way back Raman gets loud and says he is irritated by all this as Ishita has to stay away from him and he goes mad when he can’t see her around. She got to know that Shagun doesn’t remember anything current and she only knows how it used to be 12 years ago.