Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2017 full episode written update: Shagun recognises Aadi

There Shagun is trying Raman’s number but his number is not reachable and she gets irritated as to where he is. Then they have a conversation about Mani’s murder and Nikhil says it’s not easy for Raman to get out of this and Ruhi gets upset with him and says he doesn’t know anything that happened before so how can he decide that Raman is the murderer just because he had dagger in his hands. But he stays and says she should call Ishita to know where Raman is. Aadi comes out of car and Shagun goes to him and says she saw him that day from balcony and this is the same car and asks what he was doing there but faints. There Bala is at Iyer’s house and Madhu asks him why is he being so careless for himself, when Shravan comes there with Kshitija and Bala asks why he brought her there. Ashok says he can’t stop Shagun when he himself is with some other women. Ruhi sees them and thinks Aadi should get along more with Nikhil as he can let him know Aaliya better. Aadi gets scared and they take her upstairs. Next Nikhil meets Ruhi and she thanks him for cheering up Aaliya. Raman says Shagun is on medication and that she can’t have drinks but Shagun says to let them go and she’ll have juice but she’ll go. Inspector along with Raman and Ishita reach there and find the door locked from inside and wonders who would be inside as Banwari used to live alone. Inspector says it’s because of her negligence that Banwari died and he then asks about Raman and Ishita says he is with the doctor and then he asks Ishita to come along. Top News
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Inspector and Raman break open the door and find everything displaced. Next we see Aaliya receives a surprise delivery and finds it to be Sushi and she wonders as no one in the house knows that sushi is her favourite. Next we see Ishita, Raman and inspector in hospital where doctor tells the inspector that Raman was there for past three hours and she knows their family is a good one. Inspector says he was just doing his duty and says he’ll go and check Banwari’s house for any clue. Aaliya says he doesn’t know that she likes sushi. Nikhil says to Aaliya that Aadi loves her alot and he requested him to come here and cheer her up, and he would’ve been a girl he would’ve loved to marry him. Inspector asks her why she didn’t inform police and Ishita says she thought she should find something before bothering them. Aaliya says she can’t accept it, but Nikhil convinces her by saying that Mani wouldn’t have liked her like this. Then she starts saying this is the same car, she saw it that day from the balcony and Aadi’s car stop there. 2017-07-29T20:54:57+00:00″>
Published:July 29, 2017 8:54 pm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2017 full episode written update: Inspector along with Raman and Ishita reach Banwari’s house and find the door locked. There at the parking lot Raman is worried as there is very little time left and they haven’t found any clue and neither Shagun is recalling anything and Ishita consoles him that they atleast found the footsteps at Banwari’s house when they see Shagun and Ashok walking towards his car. Shravan says he won’t stay with Kiran as he knows Bala is trying to make her their new mom but he won’t let that happen and neither he nor Kshitija wants that. Nikhil says he isn’t saying that Raman is the murderer but it portraits him to be. Then, she heard the police siren and she came to this side and got to know about this. There Aadi is already there at Banwari’s house looking for the proof he would have given to Ishita, he thinks he needs to find it before police does. Ishita asks if they can come along and inspector allows them. They find some footprints and inspector finds a shoe buckle there and says he can find the man with the help of this. Nikhil comes there and asks how did she like it. Ashok comes there and asks if she is trying to reach her husband when Shagun asks him what he is doing there and asks him to leave. Ishita tells him that Banwari called her there as he had got some important information to be told but she had been waiting. Raman asks Shagun where she is going and she says they are going out for some drinks. Nikhil says he is sure Aadi knows that he can always make her happy with sushi. Santoshi asks him to leave but Shagun asks him to take her to Ishita’s clinic.