Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 recap: Cersei takes revenge for daughter Myrcella’s death, Olenna Tyrell dies but with one last victory

Fair enough. And Olenna Tyrell died but not without confessing to Jamie that she had killed his son Joffrey. Remember, how Euron promised Cersei that he will give her a gift. (Source: HBO)

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Game of Thrones Episode 4 script leaked online: Hackers claim that they have stolen HBO dataGame of Thrones season 7 episode 3: Here’s why Cersei is already a hero despite her growing evilIn a major upset for team Daenerys, Euron Greyjoy defeated Yara Greyjoy’s Iron fleets during the last episode. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a win for team Daenerys. As we go ahead, let’s also tell you that there is a lingering moment where Euron flirts with Cersei and says he wants only one thing from Cersei that clearly leaves Jamie angry. But, we will have to wait and see how long that will hold on. The kind-hearted Jamie gives a poisoned glass of wine to Olenna to drink and choose an easy way of dying. Lord Varys asks Melisandre to leave Westeros and never come back. In a comic turn of events, Melisandre informs Lord Varys that they will both die in Westeros. Jon reminds Danny of her father Mad king’s brutalities and says he’s not responsible for keeping his forefather’s vows. No, he didn’t. Yet, she leaves Jamie angry faced when she requests him to tell Cersei that it was she who killed their son Joffrey. We have to wait and see what will that mean in long term. I want her to know it was me,” Olenna says her last words as a flummoxed Jamie looks on. And she will need Jon’s help if she plans to take over King’s Landing. But Danny has enough to worry her and that makes her consider Jon’s solicitation. After poisoning her daughter which will take days to slowly kill her, Cersei whispers to Ellaria in a deeply satisfying voice, “Your daughter will die in this cell. Cersei meets Ellaria and her daughter in a cell. Jon Sow finally meets Daenerys. Frankly, Jon Snow and Daenerys met as perfect strangers, not knowing much about each other as individuals. And his smart move sent everyone scheming and manipulating. Cersei revisits the horrors of finding her only daughter dead and surviving with that truth every single day. Lord Varys and Melisandre have a little chit-chat. Here’s how things unfolded:
Daenerys and Jon Snow:
(Source: HBO)
Did Jon Snow go down on his knee in front of Daenerys? Danny reminds Jon that Starks swore a fealty to Targaryens and he must do the same. Danny wants to take the iron throne, while Jon Snow is more interested in tackling white walkers. She has lost her two crucial allies- Yara and Ellaria. Cersei poisons Ellaria Sand’s only surviving daughter as Ellaria watches the whole scene silently, helpless to do anything. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 The Queen’s Justice was aired on HBO on July 31 in the US. This particular defeat at the hand of Lannisters made Daenerys look weaker than ever. Lannister army defeats Tyrell army and captures the castle. Olenna, who can’t do much as she is on the verge of dying, shares her last words of wisdom with Jamie. It’s revealed that Jamie has intentionally taken a major chunk of his Lannister army and headed to Olenna Tyrell- a trick that has paid so far. Meanwhile, Bran returns to Winterfell and reunites with sister Sansa. While Cersei seems to funnel all her energy in manipulating each and every step of her enemy with three dragons, Danny and Tyrion are blinded by their own internal problems and tasks. Olenna who hates Cersei tells Jamie that her sister is a monster, a disease and she will be the end of him. Jamie and Olenna Tyrell
We see the Unsullied Army capturing Casterly Rock. And one should thank Tyrion for endeavoring to forge this new alliance. But the episode saw him making blunders one after another. You’ll be here for the rest of your days. Euron has also captured Yara and Ellaria Sand who were until recently planning to attack King’s Landing. The final scene makes a very satisfying viewing as Olenna negotiates different ways of dying with Jamie. But, Jon isn’t exactly free to go where he wishes as his ships and weapons are taken by Dothraki. Danny who was earlier looking stronger lost her major allies – Tyrell, Greyjoy, and Ellaria Sand – to the cunning strategy of Cersei. Even though Danny isn’t fully convinced about Jon’s belief of white walkers, she has no other choice. The new episode, The Queen’s Justice, opens with the hope of a new alignment and sees one of the most anticipated meetings of the series. Jamie’s blind devotion to her sister surprises you, but that can wait. The move easily gave Cersei leverage and forced Daenerys to rethink her strategy. (Source: HBO)
Overall, the episode saw Cersei getting an upper hand and surprising Daenerys at every turn. We also get a glimpse of Theon Greyjoy, who is fine and saved by his people. Cersei and Ellaria Sand
The revenge runs deep through this season. “Tell Cersei. (Source: HBO)
Daenerys once again tasted failure after the Unsullied army took over Castery Rock, only to taste defeat eventually. You will live to watch your daughter rot, to watch her beautiful face collapse.”
This easily makes it to a long list of more brutal scenes that GoT has witnessed so far. Both have struggled hard to be where they are. Cersei, for all her evilness, is turning into a bigger monster with each passing day. And you will be here watching when she does. Of course, they share a common history and both Jon and Danny were busier stating it for the sake of their convenience. Despite their first rough meeting, the two are able to come to terms with each other. Tyrion tries to instil some wisdom to Jon who is still treading a thin ice. For now, Danny permits Jon to mine dragonglass, a weapon to kill white walkers. She immediately gulps down and we don’t need to tell you why. But Jon and Danny also share similar characteristics. Euron Greyjoy smoothly distorted the balanced equation of power games. Remember, how he defended King’s Landing against the attack of Lord Stannis. In a smart move, Lannisters left the castle petty to take hold of Highgarden. For now, it’s safe to say that both Jon and Danny have arrived at an impasse. Tyrion who proved to be a brilliant political strategist in previous seasons seemed to lose his sheen in this episode. Ellaria Sand murdered Cersei’s only daughter Myrcella by poisoning her. If you thought you knew Cersei well, no, you didn’t not. Littlefinger is still lurking in Winterfell, suggesting Sansa to fight the battle always in mind. Euron Greyjoy submits a captured Ellaria Sand and her daughter to Cersei. Bran also tells Sansa that he is the three-eyed raven who can see past and present. Both mother and daughter are chained. Bran arrives at Winterfell and meets his sister Sansa. But, that can wait. (Source: HBO)
But, that’s not enough to satisfy Cersei’s hunger for revenge.