Ugly God – Welcome To The Booty Tape (The Booty Tape Album)

So it’s a no? Final opinion on Ugly God?
Thanks Ugly God!
Bitch, you niggas is snakes (yuh, snakes)
I am the G.O.A.T, admit it (yea)
[Intro: CUFBOYS and CUFBOYS’ Mom]
Yo bitch on my line, i pull up and I drill her
Nigga please don’t disrespect
You niggas and bitches irrelevant (bitch)
When i touch a milli, I cop me a bentley
You savin’ these hoes lil nigga (the fuck)
I probably won’t stop ’til i cop me a milli

And then all he wants to sing about is dumb stuff, almost like- I don’t know how to even say it, he’s singing like pornographic stuff, and who just wants to see, I mean, I guess if he has an audience for it good luck, I would never listen to that I mean he’s just not that attractive! He’s not gonna make anymore, that was terrible, I mean, I’m pretty open minded, so I like some of these people, I think they have a future, but this guy; Number 1, he’s not that attractive, Number 2, he’s not!

I always say i need a milli
Don’t call me bro, nigga we are not relatives
These bitches is fake (yuh, fake)

Yuh, bitch
I need me that check i pay hella rent (cash)
I spent that check on my neck
Them niggas so broke i don’t get it (the fuck)
I got yo bitch drippin’, she wet (drip, splash)
Thi-This, 2 videos we just saw?
So let me stack up cus my pockets look empty
I count up this cake (count up this cash)
I cannot relate (can’t relate)
What you mean
I do this rap shit for the hell of it
Say hey to my tape
Don’t DM me nigga, don’t hit me on twitter
Oh, good luck to him, because whatever he made off that is not gonna be- no
I see that you hate (yuh)
But get you a cape
I fuck on yo bitch cause she with it (yea)
Twenty-sixteen yes i need to be president
Oh yeah, no no no no no no no no, he’s one of the worst you have shown me
My pockets thicker than an elephant (yea)
So what’s your opinion on Ugly God, mom, a lot of people have wanted me to do that
Bitch i’m the shit, i came up and thats evident
My niggas they grippin them TEC’s
I pull up and pick up that check
I go to yo crib put my dick in yo sister
I need me a milli let’s get it