Kumkum Bhagya 5th September full episode written update: Pragya sees Abhi with Munni and thinks he has moved on

Pragya comes outside their house and is stepping in. She is surprised to know that Abhi is married to someone else. She plans to never interrupt in Abhi or his family’s life. 2017-09-05T22:24:13+00:00″>
Published:September 5, 2017 10:24 pm

Kumkum Bhagya 5th September full episode written update: Pragya takes her steps back and walks out of the house. Abhi readily agrees to conduct the pooja. Mitali tells them that Abhi was only focused on Munni while falling down, and this distracted him to get injured. She does not want to betray a good man like Abhi but how will she save her kids. She is extremely nostalgic while coming inside the house with all of their memories in her head. Mitali is standing in front of Pragya so she cannot see Munni’s face. Munni runs to the kitchen when Abhi approaches her with mushy gestures. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Abhi’s foot gets hurt and he wants Munni to do his first aid. Alia and Tanu come to threaten her again for getting those papers signed. Everybody talks about problems coming one after the other. Purab and Disha have brought kheer which Disha made after their marriage, for everybody to taste. This confuses her about who she might be. Dadi insists on the importance of a pooja and pushes them to agree for it. After hearing this, Pragya takes her steps back and walks out of the house. Abhi and Munni defend for not keeping a pooja as its not required. She walks out saying she will finish their task and bumps into Abhi. The servants greet her while coming in. He stands on his foot with Munni’s help. They are going to their room when Purab and Disha come in. She watches Abhi standing and doing the aarti with another woman. Abhi tells Munni that she’s his lifeline and the reason behind his family’s happiness. She will never want to interfere if he’s decided to move on. Munni is in a dilemma about why does she feel flattered when Abhi talks sweetly with her. He pulls to hug her when she distracts him to move along. Pragya is reminiscing about Abhi and thinks he couldn’t wait for her even for a few days. She is approaching towards the mandir where everybody is standing with their back towards her. She wished for him to hug her the minute she enters, but he was admiring and loving somebody else. Abhi sits down and Dadi tells them that she’s kept a shanti pooja in a temple. Then she listens to somebody talking about Abhi listening to his wife.