WillThaRapper – Pull Up Hop Out (Remix) (feat. Gucci Mane)

Pull up, hop out, rock out
Aight then, I work out and purp out…
I shoot til’ a choppa blow
I ain’t lackin, that shit happen, then it happen
Cock out, Glock out if I rock out
He say he wanna kill me (oh)
Her nigga mad as shit (so?)
Her nigga mad as shit, so?
She suck my dick, slob and stroke
I told that nigga pop out or pull up
Your bitch she on my dick (woah)
I bust all on her party clothes
I told him pop out, and pull up
A lot of dope, snot it slow
(so) Nigga wanna fight?
I knew he wouldn’t, blow (woah)
Aight then, I work out and purp out
[Hook: WillThaRapper]
Not nobody, not a soul Disrespectful, I respect who?
Don’t make me pull up
And hop out
Your bitch she on my dick (woah)
Why he acting scary, he got a 30
Been smoking strong all week, I don’t chief any type of dope
Why he acting scary?
Put my kids all on her lips if that lil bitch a childish hoe
I catch my nut then adios
Then I leave him on a boat
Your bitch she on my dick (woah)
I pull up, and hop out

These bitches uppity as fuck
Just this nina in my coat

These niggas traps ain’t on the map, they moving any type of dope
[Verse 2: Lil Nei]
These niggas actin’, catch me lackin’, do not happen
Your bitch she on my dick (woah)
Me with the plug take all the drugs
I work out, I purp out
[Hook: WillThaRapper]
Her nigga mad as shit (so?)
I’m always packin’, get it crackin’, go out clappin’
She ain’t free she gotta go
Them bitches trading up they golds for some dough
Always got that dick up in her, swiss Selena jah a hoe
For a come up, get they funds up, to get any kind of dough
[Outro: WillThaRapper]
That triple beam it balance low
What day like? (woah)
(Boom, boom, boom, boom)
Aye, aye, aye
It’s WillThaRapper boy
[Verse 1: WillThaRapper]

I pull up, hop out
Oh (woah)
Pull up, chop out, mops out
It ain’t no 30 in this bubble
I don’t argue, fight, or fuss
I pull up, hop out
Selling crack stepped on like crack junkies don’t even wanna smoke
He said he wanna kill me (oh)
Aight then I work out, might kirk out
He got a 30, I knew he wouldn’t blow
I only fuck bad bitches, not just any kind of hoe

My diesel jeans, New Balance flow (woah)
But she say she not a ho
It’s time to let these niggas know
Aye, aye, aye, aye
Had to cancel all her plans
They’ll set a nigga up, set they niggas up, anyone they know
Where I’m from niggas killing over clothes
My money running like a nose, its like my pockets got a cold