Adnan Sami on becoming Indian citizen: I felt at home here, more than anywhere else

And the way people embraced me, I felt at home over here, more than anywhere else in my life.”
Adnan also spoke about how his life was in Pakistan. See photosLondon born singer Adnan Sami may call himself an Indian now, but it was not always so. “I came in 1999 and I had no clue where this journey was going to take me. They didn’t understand that was my calling, you know.”
In the answer to a question whether he has found God, Adnan answered, “Adnan Sami had always been close to God, but the most beautiful thing are these words, “jisne ki justajoo, mil gaya usko tu.” This has been my experience. I took it as it came and within a couple of years, I was in rapture with this overwhelming love I got from India. Related News
Photos: Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomes Adnan Sami’s daughter MedinaHappy Birthday Adnan Sami: 10 songs which prove that he can turn any musical note into sheer goldAdnan Sami revealed first images of his new born daughter Medina, and she is beyond adorable. India fell in love with me but I fell in love with India even more,” he said. When asked if his transition was natural to him, the “Bhar do jholi” hitmaker said, “Yes, it was almost as if it was something I was in search of all my life, and I was constantly looking for it and then I found it. Not only did my music find a beautiful home, but my soul also found a home. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd “Over there I had love but because I come from a privileged family, there was the whole element of ‘okay you’re a musician too but why don’t you continue being a lawyer’ because that is what I studied. In an interview with CNN-News18, the well-known artiste spoke about his decision to become an Indian citizen and his career. And it just felt perfect. Whenever I have asked something from god, and worked hard for it, I have always got it, be it my Indian citizenship or my weight loss.”

Adnan Sami is making his debut with the film ‘Afghan: in Search of a Home’. The film is slated to be released in 2018. He was born to a Pakistani diplomat and his mother was an Indian Kashmiri and it was only 18 years ago that he relocated to India. 2017-10-02T15:10:37+00:00″>
Published:October 2, 2017 3:10 pm

Adnan Sami was born to a Pakistani diplomat and his mother was an Indian Kashmiri. It was like why music when you have come from such a different background.