I am angry with women who are ready to sleep with producers: Richa Chadha

Does all of this not make you bitter? I have known her from long, from when Anurag and she were together, that time she was my boss’s wife, and we just hit it off. Q. After that I did a short film with Meera Nair. I don’t do a project for the sake of doing it. I did it straight after college. For the longest time, there has been a perception that two female actors cannot get along with each other. Don’t you then have a fear of missing out and perhaps lose out on parts in big films? The screens are few and the taxation is high. No films are working, but everyone is in some cocoon saying that films are making crores. This is so scary. Like you mentioned there were experiences in the beginning, but how are things now? The script came to me, and it was a film in Sweden. There are no advisors to tell us ‘Don’t do this, or do this’, or that this film will get you typecast, or this film will do good to you. So, I decide that I don’t need many friends. I thought films are also stupid, to be honest with you. When I did Gangs, I didn’t have a manager, PR or stylist. They are not worried that they have to share a flat with three girls, and pay rent. You are buying make-up together. You work so hard. I have lost films to people who said, ‘Oh don’t do this film, it’s not good…etc… don’t do it!’ That happened to me with Fukrey. So, what do I do? No one is understanding that the film industry might be dead in the next couple of years, and we might be watching stuff only on Netflix and Amazon. Either I am left paying their unpaid bills, someone has copied my idea, slept with a producer or paid the media to write bad about me. The best way to react to this is to be dignified about it. These riff-raff people I don’t want in my life. And Gangs also fell in my lap, after many actresses declined the role. And Kalki (Koechlin). I didn’t do films. I was asked if I would like to do it, so I readily said yes. And when this is over, they look at each other and ask, ‘How long will you stay?’ The minute you have to ask someone that at a party, then you know it’s not a party but a way of networking. There must be people telling you to behave in a certain way, because you are a female actor and without any connection in the industry. Amid the madness, how did Jia Aur Jia (her upcoming film with Kalki Koechlin) come along? It is just that because I started getting different, interesting projects after Gangs that I am here, Fukrey was a comedy. So, when it didn’t do well at the box-office as it coincided with the terrorist attacks (26/11 Mumbai attack), I thought ‘Oh My God! They have their PRs, stylists and everything in place. Q. That’s how actresses will get longevity. Q. When I came to the industry, one PR person told me, ‘Send a text message to this actor. Initially, I was very naive. Touchwood, I have never been out of work. They would then go to a producer and tell them that ‘I met with her, and she doesn’t seem interested in your film, but I am,’ and they would quote lesser and try to grab the film. I will have a few close friends and rest of the friends that I have are from outside the industry. After Oye Lucky, I was ready to go. How difficult is it for you to deal with all of this? And I am intensely private. That’s how our future is looking like because people are not taking any kind of collective steps. You just make your own way here, so it takes us time. It’s not like I went to Lokhandwala from Andheri. We have no inroads into the industry. The reason why I don’t think of it as a decade in my head is because after Oye Lucky! So, how does the equation with people change? Even now, I am selective because of that reason. Latest is about your equation with Ali Fazal. All that has happened with me. I am angry at the business model of Bollywood. These are the things that people tell you when you are from outside. These women I am talking about fall into this trap and stab you in the back. And Kalki was a part of the film. You put your hopes on something and it doesn’t do well. How do you feel when you look back at your journey? So, I have learnt the hard way. I also feel it’s just a passe to hide your relationships and say, ‘We are just good friends.’ When I went to Venice, people asked me why I went there. But then I would rather have these things than being caught up in a sex-tape scandal. You didn’t do a film till four years after Oye Lucky! You debuted in Hindi cinema in 2008 with Oye Lucky! There were plenty of experiences. That’s when I sort of learnt all of it. And this has happened to me like five or six times. I go out of my way (to be nice to other actresses). For us, at least in the initial stage, there is no grooming. How do you react to those diktats? As a sensible person, I have to safeguard myself. But these are the kind of advices I used to get. Because they can’t be honest about how shitty the film is. Q. I would be doing my theatre, or something to do with dance and music. And at that time, we are not supposed to accept or deny. But then what do you do? to becoming one among the few successful faces of today’s independent Hindi cinema, Richa’s nine-year-old journey in the film industry has seen quality films and meaty roles. Otherwise, you will keep fighting among yourselves and in two-three years, some old daddy will come and say, ‘I want fresh faces,’ and you are out! I am happy with my friends and my cat. I keep myself busy with all these things. People are lonely in a room of people also. I am angry with the women who are ready to sleep with the producers because people also expect it out of us. I thought to myself that Masaan was in Benaras, Fukrey was in Delhi, and this was a new place. Do brunches and lunches. This is what people don’t understand about those who come from outside. That’s who I am, and that’s how I have been brought up. This is a true thing. Q. These are normal people. Then this person said, ‘Oh babes! Women don’t realise that you have to promote the category, not the brand. I didn’t want to do films. Q. I was very young when I did Oye Lucky! That is the difference that nobody understands. I am not interested in taking shitty selfies at a party. I have tried and it doesn’t work also. Kalki is an extremely intelligent, beautiful and sorted person. Actresses become disposable. That’s a very tricky thing but honestly, it annoys me because then my mom gets worried. Lucky Oye!. Q. I am a straight forward girl. They will find out what you are quoting for a film. Sometimes good things come along (laughs). Lucky Oye! I thought it was very hard. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd We don’t have anyone guiding us about these things. Also, I don’t like to mince my words. Because they do TV serials here (which promote the idea) that a woman is another woman’s biggest enemy. I went back to theatre and TV commercials. This (their relationship) came out because we could no longer hide it. Lucky Oye! That’s when I realised that I can act, and I can pay my bills by doing this. And then we met Arslan Goni (male actor in the film), and we had a great time on this film. Ali is my boyfriend. All the other actresses who recently began making filmsAli Fazal and Richa Chadha confirm relationship with cute photoRicha Chadha on dating Ali Fazal: We aren’t the ObamasFrom playing a supporting character in Dibakar Banerjee’s Oye Lucky! It is because of Gangs that I am still here. At these parties, people gossip about what others are wearing and who is losing hair. A lot of work! But every time I have done this kindness with a competing actress, it has come back to bite me. I don’t think it will get lonely. He has studied law. It doesn’t. I like photography and dancing. She has gone through her ups and downs. I am angry with members of your fraternity (media) because you hanker us for TRPs. Lucky Oye!. Why didn’t you send a message to this cricketer? I like to have that aura, respect, and credibility for the kind of work I do. I can’t play games. How much does this bother you as you just worked with good friend Kalki? I have 20 examples of people, who network and are at every party taking pouty selfies, but still are out of work. Not only would they do that, they would also be ready to sleep with the producers as a bonus. Lucky Oye!. No. It happened with actresses also. We both come from a similar background – theatre, an outsider, trying to do independent cinema. There were times when I was told, ‘Today we have a success party in the evening,’ and I would go to a mall in Juhu to buy a dress. And so, we had a lot of fun. Because then you have genuine people in your life and also you have other interests (besides acting). It would have been good for your career, PR and public image.’ I can’t date anyone on a transactional basis. For me, a Friday is a Friday. Q. Q. If you want, you can set the record straight. They said that my character requires aging, and I said, ‘If I was not aging alone, and everybody is growing old then I will also do it, what’s the harm?’
I think at some point I was also very disappointed. That’s how I was managing then. It is very difficult. I have befriended a lot of actresses because that’s my nature. I hang out with him (Jia aur Jia co-star, Arslan Goni) because he is an outsider. It is a gamble!’ That’s why I didn’t do films for a long time after Oye Lucky. I would wear it there and get my make-up done in a salon on the ground floor. Q. But sometimes with PR, these stories come from the project people. So, what brought you back to movies? I am happy in my life and my space. I can’t pretend. You will never read stories like this in Hollywood because they have sense more than people here. If I was bitter, I would be cynical and stop trying. We were very happy hiding it for many years. It sounded like a good thing to do. Because I don’t have time to waste. So, when it came out, there was no point denying it. It is almost a decade in Bollywood. Can I tell you something? The star kids are already packaged perfect! That’s why I have very few friends in the industry. You know why film people hate to go to movie screenings? I am angry. But you have come a long way from then. They are like, ‘Is something going on between you both?’ So, first of all, I say, ‘You are not my mother (to be asking this question).’ Secondly, of course, there is something between us, otherwise, why would I go to Venice? You befriend them. So, I basically end up hanging out with them so that I don’t lose my shit and go mental. Lastly, do you think there will ever be a point in your career when you will feel you are an insider in Bollywood? It is a day where a film releases. So, I measure my growth and journey only from Gangs. I can’t keep talking about myself that ‘Richa is awesome, she is doing well,’ If Sonam (Kapoor) is doing well, I have to compliment her, or if Kangana (Ranaut) is doing well, I have to acknowledge it to promote our category. People have no money, especially after demonetization and GST. They told me to not do it. For that reason, I feel female actors have to back each other. We would be like, ‘Your kid did so well in that dance, he was so good’, ‘Oh your daughter was so sexy in that dance.’ You just pat each other’s backs. They said not to do it because my role was small, but then I realised it wasn’t small. I wasn’t interested in films. In a group interview, Richa speaks candidly about the dubious and murky ways of an industry, she is happy to be working in as an outsider. I like to hang out with people I like. In the past few months, we have been getting feelers from your agency about your closeness to different co-stars. That’s it. You aren’t seen at these Bollywood parties. I have a good equation with people. Go on a date with him.’ And I said, ‘But he is married!’. Related News
Kangana Ranaut to turn producer. You can ask about this to people around. If networking got you work, then everybody would have been successful. The minute a star kid is born you go and even click pictures of its diapers, and it goes on for the rest of our lives! And the next thing, I found was their girlfriend went for the audition for the same film. I was asked not to read the script and not to do the film. She was recently quite sick too. I just can’t do it. So, I have respect for her. This was till I found a script that I totally loved, which was Gangs of Wasseypur (2012). Whatever you want to believe, you are free to believe. I don’t want to. Q. I lose my mind every week! So, I would rather do my work quietly. But it doesn’t make me bitter. Q. So, I will never be an insider and I have never tried to fit in as well. Now I am like slap yourself, smell the coffee and get your work together. 2017-10-05T10:08:45+00:00″>
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Richa Chadha speaks candidly about the dubious and murky ways of an industry. No. If it weren’t for Gangs of Wasseypur, I wouldn’t necessarily be doing films. We are becoming an industry where we serve each other between Bandra-Goregaon. It makes me angry. I thought that people here are too strange and sleazy. Doesn’t it get lonely then? Yuck! I lost a lot of work like that. That’s not wrong. So, it is possible that many people don’t want to invite me.