Last appointment hurt them, must make up for lost time: New FTII chairman Anupam Kher

I would like to be a healing touch to them. Sometimes teaching can be the best learning for oneself. Life has people who inspire you. That does not matter. Teaching is my passion and I would love to take some classes, maybe hold masterclasses. When I got a call from the Ministry of I&B, I was a bit surprised as I was not expecting it. I studied there for six months as part of my National School of Drama training. It has to come from the students, the teachers of FTII and the governing council members. For the last four decades, I have been in this field as a student, drama teacher and a person who has acted in over 500 films in Hindi, in different Indian languages and abroad. On your Twitter handle, you call yourself a teacher. I am doing a lot of work even now. Yesterday, I was promoting my upcoming film Ranchi Diaries and had a motivational lecture in Raipur, when I was told that they would be very happy if I can take up this role. At the same time, it makes me nervous and gives me a sense of responsibility. For me, that does not take away the joy of this. It is very important for me to be a contemporary person to be able to help the students. Also, FTII is my alma mater and I would be going back there as a chairman. I don’t know that. I am not anticipating any problems. I want to listen and then make sure that we do together whatever is possible. 2017-10-12T07:26:47+00:00″>
Updated: October 12, 2017 7:26 am

Anupam Kher is the new FTII chairman. What’s your reaction to the perception that your appointment is a political one? They are a little hurt. [It] also reminds me about studying at NSD on a scholarship and moving to Mumbai without anything. I would be a facilitator. However, I did not know that I would be hearing the news while doing a Facebook Live event for a portal as part of the promotions when someone congratulated me. Life also has people who pull you down. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App I don’t have time to look at people who pull me down or anyone down. For that point of view, it is a great feeling. Are you expected to do some troubleshooting there? I am not in a hurry. Coming from a lower-middle class family, studying in a drama school and making it as an actor was not a path that was a bed of roses. So, I said yes, as it would be the most amazing and humbling feeling. There are people who would like to say what they want. If I had listened to all the critics and criticism, I would not have been able to do 508 films so far. I don’t want to go there as a boss. Every time there is a sense of achievement in me, it takes me back to my roots — when I started my life as a son of a forest department clerk in a small town. This post has been surrounded by controversy. Today, God has given a lot of things. I am happy with this appointment and I would like to make a difference. The FTII already has staff and a set of teachers. They have a felt a sense of disappointment with the earlier appointment. At the end of the day, I am a working actor, teacher and motivational speaker. After all, every student goes to an institute to learn and make their life better. The only thing I know is that I will be working along with the students. They are my source of learning and inspiration. I’m a teacher. I don’t want to go there as a person of authority, but [as one] who understands what they want. I am not a retired person. I’m very optimistic. They don’t go there to find an agenda. That’s it. It is little presumptuous for me to go there as a veteran who knows exactly what to do. It is very important to make up for the lost time. It is too early for me to think how to go about it. I would like to bring some established names in the field of theatre and cinema from abroad so that we can have an exchange of ideas. Will you be taking classes? I am a doer. (File Photo)

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