We are hopeful that Mersal will have a Diwali release: Sri Thenandal Film’s Hema Rukmani

The script came to us when Sangamithra was also happening. It is an inspiration to just sit beside him and see the passion he has for cinema. The talks on Tuesday were not fruitful as well. The tiniest gestures and modulations he adds are so good to watch. But we were pleased that Tamil Nadu was recognised. 2017-10-12T10:44:46+00:00″>
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Mersal is produced byHema Rukmani, N. Which project happened first? You should see how he imitates Shah Rukh Khan. I had the privilege to witness the opposite. Since we have been part of that experience, we wanted to take a film there. This was after Iraivi and I was already a big fan of Suryah; especially the climax sequence. I hope he gets a best villain award for Mersal. Q. That’s a movie, like Maya, that you would look up to later and say ‘that’s a really good film’. I haven’t gone back since I feel a bit embarrassed that it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, Murali jokes saying don’t come to me with a script. Cinema is about appreciation for your art, not the money. But you can make many medium budget films simultaneously. But one shouldn’t even think about all that. Small films are the backbone of the industry. Top News
BRD Medical College: 69 children dead in 4 days; 19 in last 24 hoursVirat Kohli reveals nickname for Anushka Sharma, and it is really cuteOnePlus 5T with a big, full screen display leaked in new imageThere is just one question on the minds of cinema fans in Tamil Nadu right now — when can they see Vijay’s Mersal on the big screen? They’re entitled to their opinion. What is the status quo on Mersal’s release? Mahendran and H. It is more of preconceived notions that people have and those doesn’t stem just from my gender. Q. Sanghamitra made a splash at Cannes this year. They liked our artistes, our colour palette, our mythical Raja, Rani tales and the history our films imbibe. We are working towards it. Mersal is our 100th film and it is a very special movie with such a big star. Mersal promotional methods are also unique: a twitter emoji, an artificial intelligence bot, and a promo released on TV during a movie’s television premiere. Mersal has kind of washed our memory of everything else. There was a lot of thought behind it — it had to work the exact way we wanted it to, the keywords required. We wanted to give something that was interactive. But taking Sangamithra to Cannes was all Murali’s brainwave. Q. But what is your stand on the Local Body Entertainment Tax? We sat down as a team and decided the things we could do for that. We pick films that we are proud to be associated with. Q. Now we are waiting for the day the film is done so that we can take it back and play it there. You can’t always produce big films. Was that a concern considering he has a huge fan following amid kids? Have you ever felt the gender bias? Problems are there and people are trying to sort it out the most amicable way possible. There are people who come from different strata of life, so there have been instances. Sometimes, I think big heroes are not given enough credit as artistes. The entire cast and crew come on stage and take a bow. Kids can still watch the film. He would keep practicing it before shoot and during the final take, he adds something that makes it even better. Can you share a few things that you observed about Vijay on sets? Helmed by Atlee, Mersal is Vijay’s biggest release yet. The Artificial Chat Bot was an idea to interact with the huge fan base that Vijay sir already has. What is the formula behind the balance? Murali (Ramaswamy) is a huge fan of film festivals. Everyone wants a U, but it is not too bad that we were given a U/A. Suryah is also a fun person to be around. You have watched more than 3000 films. Q. There is a general misconception among people that mass heroes are not great actors. A movie someday maybe? Only hope. Is the pre-production for Sangamithra done? Yes, the pre-production is done. Talking about Iravaakalam, SJ Suryah is also part of Mersal. Q. We have one more film like that in the pipeline Iravaakalam, with SJ Suryah directed by Ashwin. We have a film to release and we are hopeful that we can release it. We were working on about 8-9 projects at the same time. He is a powerhouse of talent and I am sure he would go places. But you need to be from a different league to write a film. He is very intelligent. I’ll refrain from commenting. It is very unique; we probably don’t have a film like it even in the aftermath. It isn’t much; not at the level we perceive. Let us hope everything works out well for everybody. I had the pleasure of getting to know him better during Iravaakalam and Mersal. Ramasamy, R. There is no backup plan. The emoji was one such idea; we had to be very persistent with Twitter to get the emoji. I used to blog quite a bit. We are very positive about it. He is such a different person in real life. When I left college, I had told my teachers that one day I would write a book. The excitement around Mersal is phenomenal and the ongoing TFPC (Tamil Film Producer’s Council) strike makes the wait even more intense. You have two huge projects Mersal and Sanghamitra in hand while earlier, TSL has produced a number of small films such as Maya, Demonte Colony. Q. The response we got there was encouraging. I don’t see that as my ambition. So maybe a book one day. But I stopped probably because I had other things to do. I actually don’t remember! You were the on-site producer for Mersal. You were a student of journalism in college. U/A isn’t an A right? To be associated with good cinema, you need to work with all types of good stories. But when they realise that you are serious about what you do, they come around. Q. The magicians told me that what took few months for them to learn, Vijay learnt it in a few hours. I was the one who read the film’s script and I loved it a lot. To do what he does on screen, you have to be a brilliant actor. Tell us about the taking the project to Cannes. Murali. As the speculation around the film’s release heightens, indianexpress.com catches up with Hema Rukmani, CEO, Sri Thenandal Films about Mersal and their upcoming projects, Sangamithra and Iraavakalam. However, Iravaakalam will take longer as SJ Suryah had other commitments. Promotion is not just what we do, it is what everyone does for our film. Q. I loved the script so much that I didn’t sleep the whole night. Certain terms that a few use, do show their bias. A woman CEO for a film production company is not a very common sight. What happened to your tryst with writing? I have watched a lot of movies and that has made me a good critic. So we wanted to celebrate both the film and the star as much as we could. We will be going for shoot in another month or so. Q. And, small films are only small budget films, not in terms of quality. Film festivals don’t end on the red carpet. You can make only one big budget film at a time. Today, technology is everything and the youth are all on social media. Adding to the expectations is the film’s star cast comprising SJ Suryah, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Kajal Aggarwal, and Nithya Menen. During the Europe schedule, Vijay sir had to learn magic. It is touching to see the applause echo until the last name of the end credits. These are films with very strong storylines, great artistes, directors, and technicians who prefer not to gamble with a massive budget. When we took it there, we did not know what we were doing. Demonte Colony, for example, is a film we are very proud about. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd A lot of things have already been said by the people who make the decisions. You need to know what works and capture the pulse of the audience. We have been regulars at film festivals like Cannes and have always been fascinated by the way films are appreciated there. The first leg of shoot is over, 50% is remaining. You want to be appreciated like that. Q. Mersal has got a U/A certificate unlike Vijay’s recent films such as Theri, Kaththi, Thuppaki etc. It is also one of the grandest projects to be made in the industry. Do you have a backup plan?