Bigg Boss 11 November 25 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Akash Dadlani irritates Salman Khan

9:20 pm: Sapna tells Salman that he committed a mistake by getting uneducated people in the house. He questions does she needs to be PT Usha to rule the house. Akash says it’s only three months. Sapna is asked to explain why Puneesh is the villain. Salman asks Hina and Sapna why they didn’t react. Salman asks if he plans never to move on and Akash nods in agreement. Salman says things which are not good to be shown, we will talk against it whether religion, sex or body shaming. 9:04 pm: Salman Khan welcomes the audience and says living in the Bigg Boss house is not an easy task. Salman says first round will be a verbal fight. He asks, “Aren’t Muslim, Jatt, Punjabi and all friends with each other.” He gets irritated and says even children don’t talk like this. He explains what he tried and mentioned. He says since Luv Tyagi is under the control of Hina and works according to her. Salman in a mocking tone towards Priyank says “You can run. He says with more than 100 cameras, it’s hard to hide anything from the audience. Salman makes the housemates realise that it’s the eighth week and it’s stupid to leave the house when anyone of you can be winner. Salman says it is right and clarifies that this is exactly how Puneesh said. 9:33 pm: Salman says you aren’t listening to me. Salman gets irritated and walks out of the Sultani Akhada. Salman questions if she can run. 9:21 pm: Puneesh and Akash talk about the captaincy task. He tests if the housemates and Salman’s thought match at all. 9:13 pm: Puneesh explains that he has never been the one to talk ill about Sapna. Salman asks them to talk about how they both will go forward in the show but Akash ignores the instruction. He introduces four nominated contestants once more and then takes the audience to the house and shows extra footage from the week gone by. Salman says the situation was quite normal. 10:18 pm: The show ends keeping the audience guessing about what would happen next. Salman asks Akash if he needs to repeat the instruction but Akash shows attitude. Salman gives up in making him understand. Unlike other episodes, Salman doesn’t give his ending note to the audience. Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors. Salman explains that if Luv wouldn’t have taken a step, we would have asked him. 9:34 pm: Hina gets into a verbal spat with Shilpa and Vikas. 9:06 pm: Arshi says if Shilpa goes to Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma and talk about her, then she would break the friendship. Salman says, “I am also massy”. 9:44 pm: As Salman enters the show, Shilpa runs towards the couch. Salman clears that the votes are coming in but the margin is small and whosoever will go can be the deserving one in comparison to Luv. 10:07 pm: Akash refuses to participate. Salman asks who works more than anyone at home. Salman tells her that she shouldn’t stay in the false hope that everything is dependent on her in the show. Salman gives Puneesh a point. Akash gets aggressive yet again. 9:08 pm: Salman goes in the house to meet the housemates. Salman questions if she feels he is lying. Hina tries to digress from the topic but Salman says, “Talk about what is happening right now, not what happened two-three weeks ago.”
9:29 pm: Salman questions what Priyank told Hina about Shilpa and Arshi. Salman says while we don’t know who will walk out but he is clear who is the villain. He asks Hina if she would be fine if she leaves today. Salman asks if he feels his mother would be proud of this. Salman also asks her about bringing up community in the house. 9:39 pm: Salman tells Hina that the show is not about you. He asks her if she ever spoke about this to others. Salman questions Akash if he ever faced this situation before. He questions Priyank that why he didn’t stop when Luv had stopped him. Salman says, “I will not respond to this statement.”
9:18 pm: Salman questions Sapna on getting hurt when someone else questions her. Hina gets aggressive because she is at fault. He says Puneesh had the chance but he did not do it. Salman says if he is a quitter. Shilpa says Sapna and many take Priyank’s name. 9:32 pm: Salman says one man is stopping but Hina has no intention to let him be. Hina says Vikas. Salman questions Hina about the way she talked about Puneesh’s statement about Sapna. 9:16 pm: Hina disagrees that Puneesh did not use words the way he is saying right now. The housemates are worried what would happen next. Akash says, “Don’t make it a big deal, I am like this.”
10:02 pm: Salman invites Akash and Puneesh to Sultani Akhada. Sapna asks if she can look at the clip. Salman clears that the way things have been conveyed to her are very different to the way Puneesh has spoken. He asks Priyank, “How old is mom and what’s her weight?” Priyank says she is heavy. Salman says Shilpa works in the kitchen but how is it related to being a captain of the house. 10:17 pm: Akash refuses to respond. 9:05 pm: Shilpa Shinde questions Arshi Khan about her strategy and why she is shifting sides. 9:26 pm: Salman questions Priyank. He questions what is the problem in it. 10:05 pm: Salman calls Akash Vin Diesel. 9:47 pm: Talking about the nominations, housemates discuss about how some contestants are over confident about the number of votes they will get. Salman narrates the entire episode and repeats the dialogue where Priyank compared Shilpa and Arshi to ‘saand’. 9:31 pm: Salman appreciates Luv Tyagi for stopping Priyanka. Tune in tonight at 9PM to watch #WeekendKaVaar! #BB11
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Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors. 9:36 pm: Salman enters the show. Vikas says Priyank gets old matters into the house and discusses it. Salman makes him understand that the entire world is watching. You should do this often in the house.”
9:40 pm: Salman asks Priyank why he has such hatred against Arshi. Vikas said during the task he saw such an aggression against Arshi. While she neglects him, Salman says Hina spoke about the matter to Priyank too. Akash says yes. 9:21 pm: Salman asks Puneesh why he promised to Akash and the latter is right as he is hurt because of friendship. His negative attitude upsets Salman. Arshi and Shilpa have a war of words in the kitchen area. He says let’s have fun but by then Akash Dadlani enters and he mocks Akash. 2017-11-25T22:20:04+00:00″>
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Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors
Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? 9:22 pm: Salman says game is alright but do not expect loyalty with anyone. Salman and Hina get into verbal spat. 9:59 pm: Salman announces Shilpa as the safe contestant. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Salman says, “You always make me feel like a fool.” He asks Priyank from where he has learned to apologise every time but not correct the mistake. He adds that now we would witness their hatred. 8:45 pm: Here’s what is in store today:

.@BeingSalmanKhan is not very happy with @ipriyanksharmaa’s statement. Hiten says Puneesh is the villain. 10:15 pm: Looking at Akash and Puneesh’s attitude, Salman tries to figure out a way to handle this. Puneesh and Vikas says Priyank. 9:23 pm: Salman says Puneesh and Akash’s friendship was fun. Salman asks if he is taking side of other contestants like Shilpa, Arshi and Vikas. How will you listen to Hina and Vikas. Salman questions Puneesh about not keeping his promises. Akash says Puneesh has spoiled the trust he had on his friend. 9:09 pm: Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Priyank Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary have been nominated for eviction. Akash says yes. 9:11 pm: Puneesh gets majority and Salman calls him to give his verdict. He does not play the game which irritates Salman and the housemates.