Happy Birthday Vivekh: The comedian with a cause

Palayathu Amman
As a man driven to become a fraudster, Vivekh’s humour in Palayathu Amman tackles various forms of superstition. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd A socially-conscious citizen, he has worked closely with A. P. The most significant aspect of Vivekh’s comedy is that he used his tracks smartly to address important social issues and raise some awareness. Run
Another classic combination of Karuthu (message) and comedy, Run has him play a youngster lost in new city. J. Vivekh’s brand of humour gave the 90s kids several memorable one liners and tracks. From fake swamijis to Vaasthu experts, Vivekh’s dialogues reflect scenarios that we regularly encounter. Kadhal Sadugudu
As Super Subbu, Vivekh here tactfully points out the inherent flaws in our social systems. Saamy
One of the best tracks from the comedian, Saamy had Vivekh take everything head-on: casteism, privilege, social exclusion, superstition, name it and this film had it. As the progressive brahmin Venkatraman, Vivekh’s take on the several social stigmas is hilarious as well as insightful. As a freakishly sincere Tamil follower, Vivekh as Tamil Kirukan shows us the actual state of the language in the hands of posterity. As the veteran actor celebrates his birthday today, here are five films where he was the comedian with a cause. Abdul Kalam on several eco-welfare and tree plantation projects. His narrative hilariously warns us of pickpockets, unhygienic food, sub-standard medical care and superstition. While his successful predecessors, Goundamani and Senthil relied more on slapstick humour, Vivekh’s humour was driven by dialogue. Alli Thandha Vaanam
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Published:November 19, 2017 2:13 pm

Happy birthday Actor Vivekh

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