Is there anything good about Stranger Things?

These references should merely add bonuses, and the focus of the makers should always be on characters, story, writing, and most of all providing something new and original. I don’t know, but I am pretty sure I would not want to be inundated with references from classic Bollywood movies in an Indian TV show airing currently, especially if the show cannot stand on its own feet. It was just ordinary, and boring? Child actors in the movie are simply amazing. While we are at it, when is a piece of work ‘inspired’ or a ‘homage’ and when does it become derivative? For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Published:October 30, 2017 6:07 pm

Familiar Things? When I watch a TV show or a movie, I don’t watch it to feel sentimental about my childhood. If I wished to see a piece of work capitalising on nostalgia, I would watch Judwaa 2 (but I hear the original Judwaa was trashy too and, Wikipedia tells me, the ‘unofficial’ remake of Jackie Chan starrer Twin Dragons). But perhaps this comparison is unwarranted. The directors of the show clearly know how to make them act like how real kids would behave. When is a piece of work ‘inspired’ or a ‘homage’ and when does it become derivative? When I got down to watch this show last year, my head was full of rapturous reviews and hearty recommendations from friends. Other actors are also good (it is so nice to see you again, Samwise Gamgee).