Lil Wop – Sinister

[?] getting hot, I got rocks up in my socks, ayy
Bitch, it’s Wop, I feel like I’m the shit, ayy
Turned into a hit, ayy
I ain’t got no heart, so I can’t love a bitch for shit, ayy

That’s your bitch, I took your bitch, she gave me top up in the whip
I stay with my piece, ayy
Got it out the pot, ayy, Wopster got it off the block
Wake up take a piss, ayy
Xan is all I eat, ayy
It’s Wop, it’s Wop
Ahhh, ayyy
[Verse 1]
Ayy, ayy, ayy
I don’t fuck with niggas ’cause these niggas ain’t legit, ayy
Lookin’ for your bitch, she in the kitchen whipping bricks, ayy
Poppin’ percs and poppin’ xans until I hit the seats, ayy
Ain’t got sleep this week, ayy
Black Money Boyz Deathrow, fuck nigga
I can’t keep the peace, ayy
[Verse 2]

Ayy, Wop
A convertible or drop, we skrt up off the lot, ayy
Then I grab my trip, ayy
Chopper in the passenger, your bitch in the backseat, ayy
Wake up, hit a lick, ayy
You gon’ kiss that bitch and she was sucking on my dick, ayy (you whore)
Evil Haze
Ayy, ayy, ayy

[?] working, had the Glock, [?] still back at the spot, ayy (you whore)