LOOSE LIPS: This superstar is holding back his gift for alleged girlfriend

Now losing her heart she blurted this to one of their common friends and it seems like that didn’t go down well with our macho man. Top News
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd But this not so latest import in his life has been around for quite a while, but though she always around him, it seems things are not as hunky dory as they were before. However, close buddies maintain that he actually is going through one of the phases where he is not very sure about what he wants from this relationship anymore. Well, we hope that the actor can get some time off his busy schedule to figure out what he wants from his love life and eventually we hope the girl gets her swanky car too. During a rendezvous at a swish lounge, a couple of guys, who are very close to this superstar known for kicking ass on the big screen and walking with swagger, were worried if he ever plans to give his girlfriend that gift he has put on hold for a while now. This one is about one such clueless relationship. Of course, this actor’s love life has always been as convoluted as one trying to find out how many layers does a croissant actually have. But alas, though she was back in town, the new car was nowhere in sight. However, due to his erratic shooting schedules, he postponed the plan to a later day, which turned out to be quite a few months. The leggy lass however kept patience and thought that by the time she back from her travel, the car will be ready and waiting for her. Before signing off my lovelies, I just want you all to have a great weekend and I will be with you on Monday with some more scoops to wipe away those Monday blues…Adios! Bollywood and its weird relationship dramas are nothing less than a reality show. And he has further delayed the plan quoting too much work as the main cause for the delay. 2017-11-24T17:57:35+00:00″>
Updated: November 24, 2017 5:57 pm

We hope that the actor can get some time off his busy schedule to figure out what he wants from his love life. C’mon it’s a Friday, let’s be nice and hope that at least this relationship of his doesn’t bite the dust. So, we are back to make it more fun with this latest scoop from B-Town.