Rajkummar Rao: I long for different scripts and interesting roles

Her performance was much better than mine in CityLights. So, nobody can ever doubt me, nobody can say that ‘Raj has changed’. How does that feel? They can watch it whenever they want, wherever they want. 2017-11-24T16:51:47+00:00″>
Published: November 24, 2017 4:51 pm

Rajkummar Rao, who is playing Subhash Chandra Bose in AltBalaji’s web-series Bose: Dead/Alive, talks about his films this year and stardom. In the last three years, she has been working, learning her craft and making herself better. There are so many actors and directors I know who are dabbling with web-series. It won’t strike me in my head. It’s been three years since CityLights. I am the same guy I always was. She is a modern girl, but she played the village woman impeccably. It is always great working with her. She is an amazing actor and very professional. Thank u team #Newton. Because honestly, I don’t want to block myself with these thoughts. I try to live a life just as I was living a life before becoming an actor or came to this city. That’s what I expect of myself. There was a lot of research that went in writing the script. I am me. Related News
Rajkummar Rao dedicates APSA best actor award to his motherBose: Dead/Alive review: Watch this show only for Rajkummar RaoRajkummar Rao on Padmavati controversy: Our comments are only giving more mileage to the protestersActor Rajkummar Rao was adjudged the best actor at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards for his performance in Newton, which also won the best screenplay award at the ceremony on Thursday. In this interview with indianexpress.com, the actor who is playing Subhash Chandra Bose in AltBalaji’s web-series Bose: Dead/Alive, talks about his films this year and stardom. I am just happy with that fact, and I hope that continues for me. There will be ups and downs but people are hopefully not doubting my credibility. It is a great platform and I also think it is the future. People have appreciated my work. pic.twitter.com/4GPRqRHyd1
— Rajkummar Rao (@RajkummarRao) November 23, 2017
Q. So really, I can’t control that. Thank you Maa. Q. I don’t know. I cannot think about being a star, or if I have become one or not. Does that bother you that they will start saying, “Rajkummar Rao was good as usual”? I would rather think about my work and my next film that I am supposed to start, or invest in my next character. I can’t say that year after year I will be appreciated. And, when I am at home, I don’t carry anything back from work. At a time when your performances have been appreciated repeatedly, you are doing a web series. As an actor, the medium doesn’t really matter. (Rao shaved a part of his head, gained weight and started smoking to get into his character.) We have tried to be as factual as possible. She has grown a lot, and she will continue to do so. How is she taking your success and stardom? She is amazing in the series as well. But as long as they see that I am sincere with my work, I am fine with that. Q. But you have to take that risk. Don’t stop chasing your dreams because they really do come true. How was it working with Patralekha again? Q. Won the best actor award at the most prestigious #APSA2017 (Asia Pacific Screen Awards). I don’t even want to think about that. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd I long for different scripts and interesting roles. I try to be as sincere as I can with my work. I honestly feel happy that I got an opportunity to play Bose, that too on a medium where it won’t just stay for a week, a month, but for posterity. You got recognition, but she didn’t get work after that. She knows that when I am at work, I am working. We live a very real life. Not many actors would do that as it could be seen as taking a step backward. I know Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aanaa got mixed reviews, but what is in my control is my performance, and that I try to do. No, not really! So sometimes that works for the whole film, sometimes it doesn’t. Q. When she came on the sets for Bose, she was magical, and people will realise that she is a great actor. Also, when I got into the skin of Bose, I also did my bit of research and homework, and there was a process involved. Critics are becoming less specific in appreciating what they really like in your performance. Of course, I feel happy that we’ve had some amazing and interesting films in 2017, and I have been a part of some of those movies. So that’s okay. Every film cannot be Newton or Bareilley Ki Barfi.  
Q. I have become busier, but we both know that and understand each other. You think you are becoming a safe bet now? Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aanaa received bad reviews, but your performance was appreciated. We both have an understanding. Q. Will stardom affect you at some point? I am thankful that I am in a relationship with someone from the same profession as mine. My ultimate plan is to do one film in a year or two years, and immerse myself completely into the character, and live that life throughout the shooting process. As long as ‘different’ work keeps coming my way and I get to play different roles, I am happy as an actor, because that’s what I look for. 2017 has been your year. Not really. No, it doesn’t bother me. It is a boon that she is also an actor. I don’t really carry any stardom.