Ranking all Marvel superhero TV series on Netflix

The Punisher: I am yet to finish this latest Netflix show, but Marvel’s The Punisher, in spite of a little rambling at places, is a solid show with a winningly gritty performance by Jon Bernthal. 5. If you really like the character, read the comics. Here is the definitive ranking of all Netflix’s Marvel TV series that includes the latest one, The Punisher. The thing is, you would like The Defenders only if you like all the superheroes that are in the team. 3. 1. Luke Cage: Luke Cage is a very nice show with a well-developed hero and some good acting but is unfortunately saddled with an insipid villain. If you have Netflix and love Marvel’s characters and want to know which TV show you should watch, we are here to help. The Defenders: One may be mistaken to think that Marvel wanted to establish Avengers’ television equivalent with The Defenders. 6. This is a dream casting by the show makers and you can rack your brains all you want, you could not find a better actor to don the role. Daredevil also has the most compelling villains in all the Marvel shows on Netflix. This was not the case with me, so I got bored halfway through. Iron Fist: It is always nice to see Marvel trying to bring their lesser known character to the spotlight, but you wish Iron Fist TV series would not exist. Charlie Cox channels Christian Bale’s Batman as a masked vigilante and does it justice. 2017-11-24T20:54:05+00:00″>
Updated: November 24, 2017 8:54 pm

The Punisher is the latest Marvel offering on Netflix. 4. The acting, the fighting scenes, the plot, they are all uniformly terrible. Even if you do not like superheroes in general, you might just fall in love with Jessica Jones. 2. Daredevil: Even with a weaker second season, Daredevil is the probably the best Marvel show on Netflix. Jessica Jones: Starring Krysten Ritter (Jane Margolis of Breaking Bad) in the title role, you immediately become aware that this is not your usual superhero fare. There is simply no redeeming feature in this one. It is still a good watch and one of the better Marvel offerings on Netflix. But unlike MCU movies, most of which have received glowing reviews, on the telly they have had negative to mixed success. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Jessica Jones is known for being dark-toned and exploring themes like rape and post-traumatic disorder which most superhero stories steer clear of. Related News
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