Stranger Things, Narcos, House of Cards and other Netflix originals you should start watching today

13 Reasons Why
Easily the most for granted Netflix original, 13 Reasons Why is the drama-mystery of the season. 5. Narcos
Based in Columbia, Narcos chronicles the story of Pablo Escobar, a drug kingpin/billionaire and other crime lords who plague the country. Top News
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If you are not a fan of science fiction, this two season series can definitely make you fall in love with it. The chances of you getting bored on a lazy weekend are exponentially less. But the Netflix content has gotten better and better and keeps on expanding with the most impressive inventory of network series, not to mention the truest gem of alls, the Netflix originals. But let’s face it. Fast-paced, gritty with some solid acting, Narcos is packed with punches. House Of Cards
Netflix’s first original, House of Cards is a political thriller created by Beau Willimon. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Published:October 30, 2017 4:07 pm

Five Netflix Originals that deserve to be binge-watched right now! 3. Yes, we are all definitely thankful that House of Cards happened and revolutionized the world of us, binge-watchers. So what we are saying is, if you’ve ever wondered “what should I watch on Netflix?” You’ve come to the right place. Set in 2010s Washington DC, House of Cards is the story of Congressman Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district and House Majority Whip. A missing boy, a terrifying investigation and a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl, Stranger Things is sure to give you all the right kinds of goosebumps. Finding a good Netflix series to watch is not that great. Premiering on July 11 2013, the series garnered 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, winning three. And even though the series is a mix of Spanish and English, the subtitles make it worth watching. But she makes sure to leave behind a suicide note in the form of audio recordings, that too 13, wherein she details thirteen reasons why she ended her life. 2. Here are some Netflix Originals you should start with:
1. Orange is the New Black
A comedy-drama based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, explores the experiences of a woman at FCI Danbury, a minimum-security federal prison. Starring Golden Globe winner Winona Ryder, Stranger Things is set in 1983, a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. The series revolves around a high school student, Clay Jensen, and his friend Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide after suffering a series of humiliating experiences.