Bigg Boss 11 December 14 2017 full episode written update: Shilpa and Hina fight over tap water

Puneesh suggests Shilpa to change her duty. Everybody tries to convince Arshi to select them. Akash tells Arshi not to tell him what to do as she is with Shilpa now. Contestants nominate Hiten and Priyank for the jail. Hina sees her clip in which Shilpa made fun of her crying. Priyank apologises to Vikas for everything. Hina gets shocked and asks Shilpa not to use tap water as her stomach gets upset. Bigg Boss gives three housemates a chance to watch clips in which inmates have said bad things about them. Vikas stops him and says not to do this for cameras. Hiten tries to make Vikas understand that Priyank’s intentions were not bad and he didn’t mean that. Shilpa cries in the washroom. Vikas and Hina are selected for the opportunity. Shilps also said Hina needs someone to pamper her in the show. Arshi sees the clip in which Hina is discussing about Arshi’s clothes with Luv. Arshi tells Akash not to sleep. Hina cries while watching the clips. Arshi tells everyone what she saw in the clip. Bigg Boss asks Arshi to give one name for jail’s punishment. Hina asks Shilpa to change her duty as she will not cook food. Vikas gets hyper and says he will slap Priyank and he does all this for cameras. Arshi tells Priyank and Hina that Vikas is upset with Priyank. Vikas warns Priyank not to use his mother and family in the game. Vikas tries to calm her down and says she doesn’t look good while crying. Arshi gets offended. Bigg Boss continues with Vikas complaining to Hiten about the use of his pet name in the task. Priyank tells Arshi that he is grateful for Vikas. Vikas says how can Hina talk about this with boys. Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors. She also gets the chance to select two more housemates who can watch the clips. Shilpa and Hina get into an argument. Arshi tells Hina that Shilpa uses tap water while cooking the food. Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Shilpa blames Arshi for Akash’s behaviour. Arshi and Shilpa fight in the kitchen about food. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Hina says to Akash that she doesn’t understand why Vikas is doing all this. Priyank says to Luv that he wants Vikas to perform poorly in the show. Hina laughs at Vikas and Vikas calls Hina “Vamp”. As the captain of the house, Arshi gets the chance. Arshi tries to calm Vikas down by telling him that Priyank loves him. 2017-12-15T07:56:27+00:00″>
Published: December 15, 2017 7:56 am

Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.