Bigg Boss 11 December 16 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Mouni Roy performs on Salman Khan’s show

Luv and Shilpa discuss what they saw inside the secret room. 2017-12-16T22:26:06+00:00″>
Updated: December 16, 2017 10:26 pm

Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors. Hina says Puneesh is just after Vikas and Shilpa to save himself in the game. 9:46 pm: Luv talks to himself and tries to calm himself down for at least two days. 9:48 pm: Puneesh tells Akash that he doesn’t like Arshi and requests him to not come in between his and Arshi’s fight. Next, he asks Hina who will ditch Vikas and she comes up with Puneesh’s name as he is trying hard to save himself from the nominations. 9:37 pm: After Vikas and Hina, now Luv and Shilpa are given the advantage of seeing the unseen footage of the show. He says that he will like to watch Mouni and Katrina sinking in water and would love to join them. 9:16 pm: Salman supports Shilpa by saying that she deserved to be the captain because she hasn’t been the captain even once. Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors. She also sees that Vikas suggests Arshi to act sober with Shilpa and also that discussion between Hina and Arshi where Hina says that Shilpa is stone-hearted. 9:25 pm: As Vikas tries to explain his take, Priyank doesn’t let him talk and says that if you do not agree with everything which Vikas is saying, you become a villain for him. Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Arshi goes to Vikas and tells him to chose between her and Puneesh as for her Puneesh is least deserving. He asks Hina how this season is different and she says that this season has the most competitive contestants. #BBSneakPeek
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Vikas names Arshi Khan. Vikas says he never expected that Luv will survive the eviction. Priyank defends himself by saying that for Vikas everyone in the house is fake and even if he shows him, love, he thinks of it as some attempt to get the attention of the cameras. With this he also tells the contestants that Luv is safe this week. 10:22 pm: Next, Salman has to tell whom will he chose between his two brothers Sohail and Arbaaz if he has to reveal some secret. Salman says he will narrate half of it to both of them. 9:32 pm: Salman says that all the contestants are astrologers in the house who keeps predicting the future of the house or the housemates. Shilpa says that Vikas is unable to corner her in the house despite his best efforts. 9:20 pm: Salman tells the audience that the housemates were asked to vent out their frustration on a piece of paper they had for their co-contestants. He reveals that Priyank’s strategy was to stay with the most popular contestants of the show which included Hina Khan, Sapna Choudhary and Shilpa Shinde. 10:04 pm: Vikas tells Hiten that soon there will be a huge fight between him and Shilpa because Shilpa has entered the game now. Salman says that when he gets bored he gets hungry and he starts eating things. Salman tells Arshi that why is she fighting now when she hasn’t been performing the tasks from the beginning of the show. 9:50 pm: Akash tells Arshi whatever Puneesh said about her. 10:10 pm: Mouni plays a task with Salman where she shows some clips to him and he has to tell what he was thinking at that moment. Watch them tonight at 9 PM on #WeekendKaVaar. Vikas says Priyank used Benafsha and influenced her to speak on the issues which she never was talking about in the first place. On this Salman hints that this week’s evictions are the most shocking one of the season. Puneesh makes it clear to Akash that he will nominate him because he ditched him by telling Arshi what he told him about her. 9:36 pm: Salman takes a dig at Hina by saying that she is tensed about Luv’s chances of winning Bigg Boss 11. 10:05 pm: Salman Khan welcomes the special guest of the episode, Mouni Roy. Luv is shocked to see Hina Khan is playing around the story that he has a soft corner for her. Luv says he will bring it all out on Monday on the day of nominations. Mouni asks Salman to teach her the hook step of Maine Pyar Kiya. Salman says that he will not talk about Shilpa and Arshi from the next week because Arshi has enjoyed enough limelight because of it. Arshi advises him to leave Puneesh’s company. 9:13 pm: Salman tries to convince Arshi that just by performing one task she cannot go boast about it. He asks her the reason for it and Mouni says her sole reason is Salman. He names the contestants who have been nominated for evictions this week. 9:08 pm: Salman tells the housemates that this season is different from the previous seasons of Bigg Boss. He reveals that everyone wrote something except for Vikas. 8:45 pm: Here is a sneak peek at tonight’s episode:

.@BeingSalmanKhan and @Roymouni give a wonderful performance on Dil Diyan Gallan! 9:27 pm: Salman says the second accusation that Vikas has put on Priyank is that he has used people in the house to move ahead in the game. Arshi says Luv is the one who will leave the house. Luv sees the unseen footage where Shilpa, Akash and Puneesh are discussing how he has been the underdog of the show and Vikas says that he never applies his brain. Shilpa tells Luv that she also got to know Vikas’ reality. He also tells him that nominations will not affect Akash as he is the rap king. He says that it is compulsory for Mouni to come on Bigg Boss. She explains that Shilpa didn’t want to be the captain since the beginning of the show and now she doesn’t want her to be the captain. Arshi doesn’t let Shilpa talk because she does not want Salman to take her class. 9:18 pm: Arshi apologises to Shilpa for being rude after Salman ridicules her for using crass words for Shilpa. 9:29 pm: Next name that Priyank has used is Vikas himself. 9:22 pm: Salman calls Priyank on the podium and tells him Vikas thinks he does everything for the cameras and is fake. In an interesting task, Salman asks Vikas to name that person who will leave Hina’s side in the coming days. Arshi says her motive was to play her own game and didn’t want Shilpa to become the captain. Salman has to choose one of the two options. 10:20 pm: While Salman is known to put people in a spot with his questions, today the tables turned as Mouni asks him tricky questions. The housemates will decide who will walk out of the show, Priyank or Hiten. He also reveals that Shilpa is safe from evictions. 10:08 pm: Mouni enters the stage while performing on the Tiger Zinda Hai song “Dil Diyan Gallan” along with Salman Khan. 9:09 pm: Vikas says that it was Arshi and Luv because of whom the contenders of the captaincy could not be decided. 10:02 pm: Arshi once again warns Vikas that she hates Puneesh and says that it is because of him that their game is getting spoiled. Salman to tease Mouni refuses to recognise Mouni and calls her Bipasha. The footage has Salman eating the threads of his denim. Vikas says he never asked Priyank to follow his every word and only asked for some respect from him. Priyank defends by saying that it is Vikas who initiated the wrong conversations. Mouni will soon debut on the silver screen in Akshay Kumar starrer Gold. By saying this he is hinting at ‘no captain’ week because Arshi, Shilpa, Vikas and Luv could not decide two contenders for captaincy. Salman says that she is going against Shilpa and supporting Vikas just to stay in the limelight. He begins by thanking the audience for adding to the ratings of the show and also appreciates the contestants for giving much ‘masala’ to the viewers. 9:34 pm: Salman asks Shilpa to name that person who will take over the duty of kitchen and Shilpa says Akash Dadlani. 9:44 pm: Shilpa is shown the unseen footage where she sees Priyank body shaming her. 10:24 pm: Salman takes a leave from the audience and informs them that Mouni will enter the house tomorrow and the house will witness one of its kind evictions. 9:42 pm: Arshi accuses Vikas of saving Puneesh at the cost of Hiten. 9:04 pm: The episode begins with Salman Khan entering the stage on the tunes of “Swag Se Swagat”. 9:40 pm: Salman takes a leave from the contestants and tells them he will return tomorrow. Salman explains that earlier the contestants used to come to a common ground no matter if they come to it by fighting with each other. 10:09 pm: Salman praises Mouni for her performance. Luv takes Shilpa’s name when Salman asks him whom Hina will never meet outside the house. Salman tells Arshi that she is not being liked by more than four people in the outside world. One of her main questions is if he were to save either Katrina Kaif or herself from drowning, who would he save?