Bigg Boss 11 December 17 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Hiten Tejwani gets the boot from Salman Khan’s show

Vikas and Arshi finally win the ‘sultaani akhhada’ task. He would be given simple food and he has to sleep on a mat. Salman ignores the fight and introduces the special task where the housemates will be tested on their friendships inside the Bigg Boss house. 10:19 pm: Salman now takes leave from the audience and says he is sad about Hiten being evicted from the house, In the preview, the housemates are punished for discussing nominations and seven out of eight contestants will be nominated in Monday’s episode. Both of them take Arshi’s name. Luv says he is shocked with Priyank and Hina’s discussion about him having a soft corner for Hina. Then they are asked: Who is the drama queen of the house? 9:27 pm: Arshi and Shilpa get into a heated argument in front of Salman.
— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) December 17, 2017
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Salman next asks who is the ‘meethi choori’ and for Arshi its Vikas and Akash take his own name. 9:05 pm: She introduces a tree on which everyone would be assigned a title and the contestant would have to give away the title to the co-contestant. Last question is Who is the one who adds fuel to fire? 9:07 pm: Arshi says Akash should have been assigned the title of greed. Hiten assigns the title to Puneesh. 9:06 pm: Mouni calls Hiten and asks who is the angriest person in the house. Salman tries to build up the pressure of eviction on Priyank and Hiten. Next placard is of jealousy and Vikas takes Akash’s name for this one. 10:06 pm: Salman tells Hiten it was a pleasure meeting such a sane person inside the Bigg Boss house. Arshi takes Puneesh’s name and Akash takes Hina’s name. 9:16 pm: Mouni takes leave from the house and now Salman enters the house again. Who should have left the house in the third or the fourth week? Arshi tells Vikas that he should not have talked to Shilpa so much as she backstabbed him. Who is the most mannerless person? Again they take Akash’s name. Salman pokes fun at Akash for being unable to control his lust. The last round is the tug of war which is one by Vikas and Arshi again. Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Luv and Hina put their argument on why Priyank should stay in the house. 9:30 pm: The next pair is Hina and Priyank. He asks Hiten and Priyank to exit the house from the sliding door. Priyank thanks everyone for saving him. Both of them take Shilpa’s name. Salman asks Priyank-Hina and Arshi-Vikas to the ‘sultaani akhaada’. Then finally Akash accepts he is lusty. 8:45 pm: Here is a sneak peek at tonight’s episode:

One out of @ipriyanksharmaa and @tentej will have to leave the house this #WeekendKaVaar! The contestants are shocked to know the twist. 9:46 pm: Salman now announces that the housemates will decide who will be evicted. 9:08 pm: Puneesh assigns ahankaar title to Hina. Vikas wins the round. 9:04 pm: Mouni calls everyone in the garden area and asks the housemates to introduce themselves. Vikas defends Hiten by saying he has played the game with grace and takes Hiten’s name as his choice to save him. According to Arshi, it is Vikas Gupta. They agree on this one too and take Hiten’s name. 9:23 pm: Shilpa says that Vikas never makes Arshi understand that she uses foul language. Hiten gets evicted from the house. The first question is who is playing a dirty game in the house. For Akash, its Puneesh and Arshi takes Akash’s name. Puneesh also warns Shilpa to not tell everything to Luv since he will finally go back to Hina only. Shilpa says that Hiten might be a tough competition to them but his personality makes him an ideal candidate to stay in the house. Hiten says he knew that a decent person cannot survive inside the house for a long time. 9:35 pm: Salman now makes fun of Hina Khan as during the week she said that people give examples of her friendship with Luv and Priyank. She says Shilpa should be assigned the title. 9:43 pm: Arshi and Vikas’ team win the first round. The first pair is of Arshi and Akash. Vikas accepts that he is hopelessly emotional. It is Arshi for both Vikas and Hiten. 10 pm: Vikas feels pressurised as both Hiten and Priyank are his good friends. Akash tells Priyank that he saved him and boasts how it was his call to save him. Arshi wins the round. Vikas says that they take everyone along with them while playing the game and Hina’s team stays in the bedroom. Akash is the one who has the most faults in him. Priyank hugs Hiten and thanks him for supporting him throughout the game. Next is who has the most shrill voice in the house. Both of them take Akash’s name. 9:45 pm: Now Salman again enters the house and talks about who will be evicted from the house today. 2017-12-17T22:27:51+00:00″>
Updated: December 17, 2017 10:27 pm

Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors. They are asked: Who is the double-faced person? Hiten gets to know that he is evicted from the show. 9:18 pm: Now Salman asks Shilpa and Luv about the videos they were shown in the previous episode. The housemates says bye to both the nominated contestants. He then asks Akash why is everyone targeting him in the house and Akash says that all of them are jealous of him. He tells Hiten that he is voted out because the housemates were insecure. 10:17 pm: Priyank enters the house again. Salman makes him feel good by saying that it was so good to have him on the show. Salman favours Vikas on this and tells Shilpa that Vikas tries his best to make Arshi understand things. Next is greed and Shilpa assigns it to Arshi. 10:04 pm: Hiten looks disappointed on being evicted. Salman tells Hiten that whatever has happened is unfortunate. Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors. 10:01 pm: Salman asks housemates about their final decision and Shilpa, Hina, Akash and Luv finally take Priyank’s name to save him and they unanimously save Priyank. Who is changed the most from the first week? Puneesh tells Salman that he is a big fan of Mouni. Now Vikas and Priyank will fight in the Akhhada. Tune in tomorrow at 9 PM to find out more! 9:32 pm: Vikas and Hiten are the next ones to answer Salman’s question. As an opportunity to make him get rid of all of his faults, Mouni reveals that Akash has to live a simple life until the next order of Bigg Boss. 9:10 pm: Mouni asks Hina to name that person who is lazy and Hina takes Priyank’s name. For Priyank, it is Arshi and for Hina it is Akash. The last one is who will enter the finale of Bigg Boss 11? Hina and Arshi now have to fight the ‘Dangal’. The last question is who is the one who has no feelings for anyone in the house and does not stay true in friendship. Now Salman asks Shilpa about her experience and she tells him that she is not much shocked and the only thing which was surprising was Vikas’ game plan against her. 9:21 pm: Salman tries to make Luv understand that Hina is favouring him by saying that its fine even if he has fallen in love with her. 9:14 pm: Up next Mouni asks Arshi to name an over-sensitive person in the house who gets offended very easily. And the last one is the person who has no control over his or her lust and the housemates unanimously take Akash’s name. 10:02 pm: Salman now meets Priyank and Hiten and tell them the decision of the housemates. 9:37 pm: Shilpa discusses with Puneesh that she should have picked up Hina’s issue from the video she saw yesterday. She assigns tasks to each contestant
9:02 pm: Salman Khan introduces Mouni Roy as Bollywood’s next star and tells the audience that Mouni Roy has entered house. With a maximum number of right answers, Vikas and Hiten have won the task. Arshi says they have Vikas-the mastermind and Hina says that they play independently and do not force their decision on each other. 9:40 pm: Salman meets Vikas-Arshi and Priyank-Hina in the sultaani akhaada and asks them to speak on why their pair is better on the show in comparison to their competitors. Priyank and Hina took Vikas’ name. 9:49 pm: Arshi, Puneesh and Shilpa take Hiten’s name to save him and Hina says that it should be decided on the basis of a person’s involvement in the game and not on the basis of one’s personality.