Bright review: This Will Smith film is let down by clumsy execution

Then there are renegade elves called Inferni who actually want to help resurrect the Dark Lord but we are never told why. Most of the plot of Bright is about the imminent return of somebody called the Dark Lord (Sauron?) and a group called Shield of Light that is preparing to fight against him through magical means, since bullets won’t work. But it would need a subtler director than Ayer to deliver a nuanced message. Bright is streaming on Netflix. Perhaps it was because of this that David Ayer agreed to direct Bright for Netflix. Characters are stereotypical and thinly written, the plotting and pacing a total incoherent mess, and the action set-pieces leave a lot to be desired. Wow, nothing like we have ever seen before. The entertainment company is famous for giving free reins to directors, as opposed to other traditional studios that are known to meddle. Suicide Squad, Ayer’s 2016 DCEU film, was pulverised by critics and there were reports of heavy interference by Warner Bros. It is far from the worst film of the year as many have said, but it isn’t a magnificent, enlightened, and socially conscious piece of cinema it pretends to be either. You might still enjoy Bright. Will Smith’s character says in the opening sequence, “Fairy lives don’t matter today.” While the rest of the film does not have such a cringe-worthy line, there aren’t many huge step-ups either. Racism is bad, the film screams at us. The cop duo are assisted by a squirrelly female elf who is a renegade among the Inferni and the whole point of this seems to be that people from three different races are working together. 2017-12-25T11:49:37+00:00″>
Published: December 25, 2017 11:49 am

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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd There are MacGuffins in the form of magic wands that explode unless you are a ‘bright’ which basically means you can touch a wand without being blown to smithereens. Sadly, Bright isn’t a hell of a lot better either. You can see what the film is trying to do here in terms of commentary on American society and its criminal justice system. Just do not expect anything profound. Related News
This is going on my fridge: David Ayer on Bright bad reviewNetflix aims to make Bright a living room blockbusterHere’s what makes Will Smith’s world BrightAlthough known more for its TV shows, Netflix has recently been investing considerably in big-budget feature films and hiring Hollywood A-list actors to lure viewers. Orcs, because he is working with the police department, an institution that victimises their race. Humans, because he is an orc. It has a great premise, but execution is extraordinarily clumsy. Ayer rewrote the script written by Max Landis, so we may never know who is responsible for oversimplified ideas the film spews, but I suspect it is Ayer. In an alternate reality where fantasy creatures like elves, orcs, centaurs, and so on co-exist uneasily with humans, Will Smith plays a cop called Daryl Ward who has been saddled with, to his bad fortune, an orc Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) for a partner – the first ever orc to be a Los Angeles cop. Jakoby is looked down upon by both humans and orcs.