Hichki actor Rani Mukerji: You have to see the actor for what is her worth in the cinema hall

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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd She is the daughter of so and so…’ We are trying our level best to achieve that. You want them to grow up as normal people. My husband, who is a private person, wants Adira to have a normal upbringing and seeing the circumstances around her, where the parents are slightly known, there will always be intrigue as to what our child is, how our child is. At the event, when Rani Mukerji was asked if she feels there is a discrimination between how male actors are treated vs female actors when it comes to accepting them after a certain age or being married or post having a baby. You have to come to the theater sans hichki. But we will do what we think is best for our child and this is what we think is the best for Adira,” said Rani Mukerji. The hichki is in everybody’s mindset.”
She further added, “If you see a female actor and go watch her film without tagging her as a ‘woman who is married or who has a kid’, you will just see the character and the female actor who is playing it. Of course, it is difficult because we have a culture where our fans and well-wishers want to know how the child looks like. In the west, there has never been any discrimination. The actor launched the film’s trailer in Mumbai on Tuesday. Related News
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Rani and her producer-husband Aditya Chopra have managed to keep their daughter Adira away from the media glare. There will be a kind of extra attention which probably they don’t deserve.”
“If they are going to the school, you are hoping your child is going to be tested equally like others. They don’t have any hichki (hiccup). If she is on a beach with her friends or she is going to a park, she should go unnoticed, without anyone around her saying, ‘Oh! To this Rani emphasised the point that the scenario is now slowly changing, but people need to change their mindset. Making a rare media appearance, Rani seemed upbeat to present the trailer of her comeback vehicle. When asked about this, the Mardani actor said, “It is a decision. Yes, over here we do have that hichki and it’ll go away if we work on it. 2017-12-19T18:24:52+00:00″>
Published: December 19, 2017 6:24 pm

Rani Mukerji is all set to make a comeback with Hichki. She said, “I don’t think that’s true. If she has my eyes or if she has straight or curly hair.