Kumkum Bhagya 12 December 2017 full episode written update: Sangram Singh reaches out to Purab and Disha

Everyone gets in the venue and Disha stumbles and Purab catches her in his arms and they share a romantic moment. Dasi says they aren’t masseuse and Abhi asks Dadi to do it the way she used to do it to him. Purab looks at Disha and wonders if he has made a mistake by marrying her as he isn’t able to give her the love she deserves while Disha looks at him and thinks Purab cares for her a lot therefore he stayed back even when he was so upset with her. There Disha and Purab are welcoming the groom and Purab flirts with Disha by brushing her hand with his. Sangram Singh says he doesn’t care and he enters the venue covering his face with the shawl and starts looking for Disha and Purab. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Abhi makes her sit and Pragya says whether he believes it or not but she is Pragya, that Pragya who is educated and who used to be a teacher once. Dadi says she can’t recall it and asks him to do it. Sangram Singh reaches the venue with his goons and says Purab and Disha made a big mistake by coming here and now they both shall die. Abhi picks up the stuff and Pragya gets up to help him but feels dizzy. Abhi asks her to rest and says she can ring the bell and call Robin or him if she needs anything. Dadi says to Dasi that she feels that the evidences they have been shown are there to manipulate them and she feels this girl is Pragya. Top News
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Published: December 12, 2017 9:58 pm

Kumkum Bhagya 12 December 2017 full episode written update: Purab looks at Disha and wonders if he has made a mistake by marrying her. His goon asks him to let it be as if anyone recognises him then they’ll have to face police. Dasi says why would she pretend to be Munni then and Dadi says she did it before when she changed herself when Abhi comes there and says that girl has got swollen foot and asks them to massage her.