LOOSE LIPS: Guess the actor who is miffed about being dropped from the upcoming installment of a film franchise?

Have a great weekend, darlings! This actor’s career was never at the peak where filmmakers lined up to sign him for their next project. When he learnt this, the actor sent word out to the producer expressing his displeasure of not being included in the upcoming project. Recently the star son came to know that he is no more a part of the upcoming installment of a film franchise. Is it the classic case of desperate times calls for desperate measures or has he realised that out of sight is out of mind? Maybe just appearing at various dos will not result in getting a great project. See you back with more juicy scoops on Monday. Share your views in the comments section below. But this actor thanks to his great connections within the industry managed to survive even with his plummeting career graph. Well, not that money is the reason he works, as that is in abundance thanks to his parents. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd We don’t know what is going on in this actor’s mind but the producer also was a bit taken aback as the actor usually isn’t the kind to ask for roles. Related News
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Can you guess who is this actor with great lineage, the successful b-town producer and the film we are talking about? So this is about one such famous star kid who began his career way back and went on to star in a few multi-starrers and other films. Can you guess who is this actor with great lineage, the successful b-town producer and the film we are talking about? Being a friend of the actor, the producer is now in a fix and has asked his team of writers to rework the script and create a character which can be played by this actor. Strangely, the actor earlier refused two big projects that are touted to be big releases. And now trying to be part of a film that is not such a great series is sort of weird, isn’t it?