LOOSE LIPS: Guess who is the female actor who gave cover shoot crew a hard time?

So this scoop is about a female actor who was born with a silver spoon in one of the famous Bollywood lanes. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Ciao darlings! Girl you surely need to keep a check on that attitude or you will be left with not many films and surely no magazine covers in future! The crew insisted that all of them had left the room almost an hour ago and the room is surely vacant. So for one of the magazine cover shoots, our female actor had quite an exquisite list of demands before even the shoot began. After a few minutes, the manager called and ensured that they had left the room and that the actor really needs the magazine cover for her career is on a downward slope. But to their horror, things were far from over. The cover shoot crew made an exit and within half an hour the hotel that they were shooting in called to inform that the 6 hours that they booked the hotel room is up. So I met up an old friend who also happens to be one of the b-town stylists who has worked with this missy on many shoots (films and photo shoots). The crew and everyone on set was shocked as she refused to give back one of the clothes that was arranged for the shoot as she loved it a lot. When our stylist babe revealed that it was only for the shoot and that she will have to return it to the designer, our star kid refused to return it. During our chat, the fashion babe spilled some rather shocking beans about this actress. The list included some very exotic food for the actor and her entourage along with a carton full of soft drinks just for her. All the food and drinks for missy and her entourage cost the magazine editor dearly. Absolutely aghast by the turn of events, the editor called the female actor’s manager and gave her a piece of his mind and asked them to either vacate the room or if they continue the actor will be incurring all the costs herself as it was completely unprofessional. Upon further inquiry, they realised that our female actor has been shooting for a personal commitment in the same room with a different crew and they will have to incur the cost for this as well as it was a booking that is extended by this actor. She said that they can obviously buy it for her as she was amazing during the photo shoot. What a drama queen our rich girl is. 2017-12-12T00:46:21+00:00″>
Published: December 12, 2017 12:46 am

For one of the magazine cover shoots, our female actor had quite an exquisite list of demands before even the shoot began. Top News
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Once all her demands were met, she started shooting for the cover, which was to be wrapped in next two hours as our female actor had other commitments. Being a star kid things haven’t been a huge struggle as she got a perfect debut too. Tell us who you think is this actress in the comment section below and yes I will be back with more such scoops from Bollyville soon!