Prasoon Joshi: There is a difference between expression and aggression

The 46-year-old writer-lyricist said he is not averse to artistes turning into political activists, provided they have requisite knowledge about the issues they raise. “The empowering, towering presence (of the filmstars in the movie) has gone down,” he said. But now they are smacking it (the movies) the whole day… They watch it on YouTube or television.” The writer said the “towering presence” of film stars has decreased today. When asked about mixing politics with the entertainment sector, Joshi said the two are parts of the same ecosystem. “Just giving sensational bytes and controversial statements is a disservice to politics.” The censor board chief was participating in an interactive session during the “India Ideas Conclave 2017”, an initiative of the India Foundation. Politics is a part of life, it is an ecosystem that we live in. 2017-12-17T22:16:04+00:00″>
Published: December 17, 2017 10:16 pm

Prasoon Joshi said the entertainment industry is facing newer challenges with digital media gaining momentum day by day. “(Earlier) people used to wait for one film that was up for a release. It is important whatever is done in any field – whether it is art, education, social (sciences)… I think whoever comments about political things, which have a larger implication, should first know the subject. You can express yourself in a free world. “Where does the problem start? For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App Joshi said the entertainment industry is facing newer challenges with digital media gaining momentum day by day. Is the one who is indulged in politics a politician? When asked Joshi said, “Of course you are free to express yourself but there is difference between expression and aggression. Related News
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